Anya Taylor-Joy And Thomasin Mckenzie Look So Good Together In Their Movie Premiere

Anya Taylor-Joy And Thomasin Mckenzie is a winning match and during 'The Last Night in Soho' they proved they just look perfect together

By Ingrid Mateos

- October 26 , 2021 - 09:14 hs
Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie

Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie (AP)

Every time we see one or the other is like a blessing in our feeds, and while we know they are together in 'Last Night In Soho,' no one cared to warn the fans that Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin Mckenzie look so good together. The easiest prove is that during the movie premiere they both looked all glam and exquisite.

The high-fashion moment happened during the night’s premiere of “Last Night in Soho” in Los Angeles. Let's go first with Anya Tayor-Joy who wore a Dior golden gown with a plunging V-neckline. (Probably her choice had to do with her becoming Dior's global ambassador)

She accessorized with a platinum necklace with over 77 carats of green tourmalines and over 29 carats of sapphires, all from Tiffany & Co. Her blond long hair cascading over her shoulders just finished the amazing look.

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On the other hand, Thomasin McKenzie wore a metallic green custom dress full of sequins created by Gucci paired with jewelry from Bulgari’s Serpenti collection. In fact, they were posing with the director but at the last minute, they decided that a picture of them together would be more than welcome and voila! Magic happened and now we have Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie together looking better than ever.

You have seen Anya Taylor-Joy in movies like The Witch, Split or the Netflix acclaimed series Queen's Gambit while Thomasin McKenzie has starred in Jojo Rabbit, The King, and Power of The Dog.


But now, both actresses have teamed up and are starring together in Last Night in Soho directed by Edgar Wright. Alongside them, the cast also includes Matt Smith, Terence Stamp, Diana Rigg, Margaret Nolan, and Rita Tushingham.


According to EW, McKenzie stars as an aspiring fashion designer with a psychic gift who moves to London's Soho district for school. She rents a flat and finds herself transported to the 1960s through her dreams. But when she becomes supernaturally entwined with a singer of the age (Taylor-Joy's Sandie), she finds herself heading deeper into a nightmare she can't seem to wake from. While it was delayed due to the pandemic, the movie will finally debut in theaters on Oct. 29.


Two trailers so far have been released unveiling the mysterious atmosphere in the movie is set. However, the last clip that was shared with the audience was a music video of Anya Taylor-Joy singing the movie theme 'Downton' where we can hear (and see) her angelic voice. Deep deep down, we know that something is not right with her character because, after all, it is hinted that murder is in the works.

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