The improper pursuit of 'Emily in Paris' with Golden Globes judges

The Netflix show has two nominations for the Golden Globes and everyone was doubtful of its veracity. Now that some irregular events have come to light everyone is wondering 

By Ingrid Mateos Ramírez


Emily In Paris - CAROLE BETHUEL/NETFLIX (2020 Netflix, Inc.,)

Premiered on Netflix at the end of 2020, 'Emily in Paris' was a topic of discussion for good and for bad. While you can entertain yourself watching this comedy-drama series, some others were quite appalled by the show. If you haven't watched this we can tell you briefly what this is about. The story follows Emily, the new girl in town, or, best said, the new girl in the City of Light, and her struggles with french people. Wait, struggles with french people? Well yes, the Netflix series is quite uncomfortably to watch because it includes a wide variety of cliches and stereotypes that, sincerely, are not cool anymore.

After all of this has been said, the series received two nominations for the Golden Globes. One for the category of Best Television Series (Musical-Comedy) and the other for Best Actress (Television Series, Musical or Comedy). Of course, speculations were thrown to the air as for the why's? And how's? Well, probably we are getting an answer on this.


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a non-profit organization conformed by journalists and photographers of the entertainment industry. The HFPA is the organization in charge of the voting process to grant the nomination in the Golden Globes Awards. And here comes the surprise, 30 HFPA members out of 87, traveled to Paris in a free trip, as part of the “Emily in Paris” promotional push.

Los Angeles Times found out that “HFPA members accepted payment from studios and producers for representing films and lobbying other HFPA members for Golden Globe nominations and awards for these films,” and later on extended the investigation detailing the mentioned trip.

“While there, Paramount Network treated the group to a two-night stay at the five-star Peninsula Paris hotel, where rooms currently start at about $1,400 a night, and a news conference and lunch at the Musée des Arts Forains, a private museum filled with amusement rides dating to 1850 where the show was shooting.”

“They treated us like kings and queens,” said one member who participated in the junket, which was also attended by other non-HFPA media. Does it sound to you like something bribery-related? 'Emily in Paris' was launched on Netflix in 2020, but it was originally intended for Paramount Pictures. Paramount Pictures were the ones who organized this trip to France. We can only guess or think about our own conclusions. And as the quote says, do not do good things that look bad.

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