Selena Quintanilla Honored Posthumously With Grammy Award

The late Tejano legend Selena Quintanilla will be honored with the Academy's Lifetime Achievement Award and his father has spoken about this 

By Ingrid Mateos

- March 14 , 2021 - 18:37 hs
Selena Quintanilla

Selena Quintanilla (Instagram)

Selena Quintanilla's legacy will live forever since old and new generations love her and her music. According to the Grammy Awards' website, the Academy's Lifetime Achievement Award is "presented to performers who during their lifetimes, have made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording." The Award will also be given to the Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Lionel Hampton, Marilyn Horne, Salt-N-Pepa, and Talking Heads.

Her father and manager, Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Is the one who accepted the award. "I was very happy to open the box up and see this important award honoring my daughter's work. Truly honored by this. Selena would have been very excited for this honor, just like she was when she won her Grammy back in 1994.”


Selena won her first Grammy in 1994, when she became the first female Tejano artist to win Best Mexican-American Album with the 1993 album, Live. The website statement also added, “Through her life was tragically cut short in 1995, Selena’s crossover album, the posthumously released Dreaming Of You, sold 175,000 copies on the day of its release, a then-record for a female vocalist.”

Selena's sister, Suzzette Quintanilla expressed it was mind-blowing and got a little “teary-eyed”. She also declared that she thinks Selena would be over the moon about this prize.  "I think she would be very giddy about it. I think that she would probably have her social media handles and she would probably be posting tons of photos with it, I'm sure," she continued. "I go back to the other part of Selena, of her being a role model. And I think that it shines a huge light on that. That with hard work and dedication and with your family behind you and everything, that you can do so much. [It] doesn't matter where you come from as long as you have that drive and that passion and you can succeed."

"And I think that this award, I hope that the younger generation, the younger Latinas, young [people] overall, they can go back and they can look at this and think, 'Wow, she's still doing it and she's not even here. She's been gone for 25 years,'" Suzette noted. "And that's a powerful, powerful message. And I hope that that resonates in our youth. I really do."

"Twenty-five years later and who would have ever thought that she would be honored with this Lifetime Achievement Award? I'm very proud, and I know she would be also in regards to the fact that we are Mexicanos-Americanos, we're Mexican-Americans, and this is happening," Suzette stated. 

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