Kelly Osbourne Reveals She Is Pregnant Expecting Her First Baby

Ozzy and Sharon's daughter Kelly Osbourne shared with the fans two cute pics revealing that she is pregnant and expecting her first child 

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 12 , 2022 - 12:34 hs
Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne (AP, Instagram)

Congratulations are in order! It has been revealed that Kelly Osbourne is pregnant and expecting her first baby. While not many details were revealed by Ozzy Osbourne's daughter, fans could get a glimpse of the happy news.

Shared with her more than 2 million fans and followers, Kelly Osbourne shared the happy news to her fans and friends who showed all the love and surprise after the announcement. “I know that I have been very quiet these past few months,” Kelly said in the caption.

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She continued, “so I thought I would share with you all as to why… I am over the moon to announce that I am going to be a Mumma. To say that I am happy does not quite cut it. I am ecstatic!” Osbourne added.

In the first picture, we can see her wearing glasses and sending a kiss while showing the camera an ultrasound photo. In the second snap she shared on her platform, we can see that she is lovingly seeing the ultrasound while soaking up the sun next to the pool, probably in her garden.

Her fans and friends left her beautiful messages in her comment section, some of them congratulating her and some others expressed surprise. “you’ll be the best mama! “ said one person while another added, “The absolute best news there is!!!!!! Huge congrats!!!! “. A third one hilariously added “WTF.”

While Kelly Osbourne did not reveal who is the father, the latest news about her romantic life was that she was dating Sid Wilson, Slipknot's turntablist. "Kelly and Sid met when his band was touring with Ozzfest in 1999," said a source to People earlier this year. "They have remained friends since. They are very happy together."

While expecting a baby is certainly a happy surprise, Kelly Osbourne admitted last year in the Red Table Talk that her addiction robbed her of certain life experiences.

"I feel very behind," Osbourne admitted  As a woman, I would have loved to be married and have children by now. My brother [Jack] has three daughters and I would have loved to have kids by now, but that wasn't what was in the cards for me yet."

"I would have been no kind of mother at all," she added at the time. "Because I was that crazy addict that was like, 'Oh yeah, I'll stop doing drugs when I get pregnant because I have to.' Like, that's insane that I would ever even think that."

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