Is Bradley Cooper A Suspect In A Shoplifting? This Is What Social Media Says

It is obvious that Bradley Cooper is not the thief, however, it was a good excuse for social media users to make a few jokes

By Yamne Hallal

- August 06 , 2022 - 12:20 hs
Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper (AFP)

We're all adults here, and there are a couple of things you should know: the tooth fairy doesn't exist, and Bradley Cooper didn't steal a rotary laser from a Home Depot. However, the person who did actually has a striking resemblance to the actor.

Since July 23, the police of Henry County in Georgia, published a photograph in which the face of the person responsible for the robbery appeared and due to the tremendous resemblance between the two, some people began to say that if it was not Bradley himself, It was his doppelgänger.

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The hilarious situation has the Twitter community making memes over and over saying that the suspect is 'the heavier version' of the 'A Star Is Born' actor.

Some other people called the police chief's office to say the thief was the 47-year-old actor, while others called to report that the actor was preparing for his next movie role.

As if that were not enough, the police department's Facebook page exceeded 500 comments from people who made fun of the resemblance between the thief and the actor, who seems not to have noticed the situation, since he is in the filming of the movie 'Maestro'.

Some of the comments said things like: “Bradley Cooper has seen better days,” or “You know it's hard times when Bradley has to steal,” and “Apparently a) Bradley Cooper is now wanted for shoplifting at a Home Depot and b) Bradley Cooper has let himself go a little,” another person wrote.

The 'Nightmare Alley' star was last seen in New York visiting girlfriend Huma Abedin for her birthday, and he's been busy filming Broadway composer Leonard Bernstein's biopic, which be titled 'Maestro'.

That film is expected to be ready by 2023 and will be directed by Bradley Cooper, who will also have the leading role. In addition, said film has been looking to see the light since 2020 and was originally expected to be in charge of Paramount, however now it will be a film of the Netflix platform.

Carey Mulligan will be the actress who will play the role of Felicia Montealegre, who was Bernstein's wife, while Jeremy Strong, known for films like 'Molly's Game' and 'The Gentlemen' will play the role of John Jonas Gruen, art critic, author and composer.

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One of the actors who has surprised the most after revealing his appearance is that of Maya Hawke, star of the series 'Stranger Things', who will play the role of Jamie Bernstein, daughter of Leonard and Felicia.

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