Tom Cruise Can't Stop Praising Lady Gaga For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Song ‘Hold My Hand’

Tom Cruise has only good things to say about Lady Gaga since he has been praising her every chance he gets over the song she created for Top Gum: Maverick

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 07 , 2022 - 19:35 hs
Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga

Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga (AP)

Half the world is a member of Lady Gaga's fanbase and it appears that Tom Cruise is part of it too! The Hollywood actor has been promoting his film Top Gun: Maverick and while he speaks highly of his castmates, one who always steals the attention is Lady Gaga because the actor can't stop gushing about her.

During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show, Tom Cruise revealed that Lady Haha not only helped create the soundtrack of the movie 'Hold My Hand' but also, helped create the score.

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“It just opened up the whole movie. She's amazing," he told James Corden. "It just opened those doors to the emotional core of the film that we had ... at that moment, things just came together in such a beautiful way. Her song that she'd written just fell right in and became, really, the underlying score and the heartbeat of our film."

Cruise, who is very private about his personal life, revealed that he recently went to one of her shows in Las Vegas and that the last time he saw her was before the pandemic.  “Last time I saw a live concert, it was Lady Gaga two years ago. I went to go thank her when we were starting to work on the final pieces of Top Gun. She’s extraordinary. She’s an actress, a jazz singer, pop singer — her talent is just boundless.”

Since it is not known yet if the song will stick with the movie, it is good to remember that during the first Top Gun movie the soundtrack Take My Breath Away by Berlin has been immortalized and nowadays is instantly linked to that movie.

In fact, in another interview with Cinema Blend, Tom Cruise admitted that Lady Gaga's song became the core of the film. “It became the heartbeat of the film, what she did. And I called her and said, ‘I don’t think you understand, emotionally…’ I was so concerned until I heard that piece. And I knew that that piece, what it does, how it married (to) our story emotionally. So that was a moment. That was a real moment for all of us.”

The music video for 'Hold My Hand' has already been released. It is directed by the film director Joseph Kosinski and in it, we can see Lady Gaga near military jets then playing the piano on the tarmac while a jet is flying around her.

In a funny situation, the director admitted that he was afraid to not like Gaga's song. “We went over to the record label [offices], and you’re almost afraid you’re not going to like it, because how do you say ‘No thank you’ to Lady Gaga?” he said to Insider. “As soon as we heard the song, it was like, ‘Wow, that is a classic melody. That is fantastic,'” Kosinski recalled. “Even in demo.

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