This is the reason why Los Bukis and Marco Antonio Solís fell apart for over 25 years

At the peak of their career, Los Bukis faced an unpleasant situation which ultimately led to their break up. But what was the reason behind their split that kept them apart for over 25 years?

By Miguel Robles

Los Bukis

Los Bukis (AP)

Los Bukis were a very popular band in the mexican grupera genre of regional mexican music, which was formed in Michoacán in 1972, and experienced success for over 20 years, disbanding in 2996. However, the band recently announced a reunion, which contemplates a very ambitious tour titled “Una historia cantada,” or “History Sung,” which will cover several cities in the U.S. as part of the gig.

During the years the band was active, it went on to dominate the first spots in several billboard hits, not only in Mexico, but in several latinamerican countries such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Costa Rica. In one year, Los Bukis sold over one million albums, thus honoring them with several accolades such as Billboard awards in 1982, and again in 1995. However their success, the band and Marco Antonio Solís reached a point in which they ultimately decided to part different ways.

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Several rumors regarding the dissolvement of the band started to spark back in 1993. According to some sources, it was Fonovisa Records, the label and subsidiary of Televisa who was in charge of producing Los Bukis, wanted to build a solo career for Marco Antonio Solís. Immediately after these reports, the band released an album titled “Marco Antonio Solís y los Bukis.” Evidently, this situation was not entirely pleasant for the rest of the members, and paved the way for an imminent break up.

The record label's decision, alongside Marco Antonio Solís, caused such instability within the band, that all members came to make the decision of breaking up; so their concert given in Guadalajara in May 1996, was the last for the band together. Amid their performance, the band went on to thank the audience for their support during 20 successful years.


After the band broke up, an agreement was made with the remaining band members; both parties agreed to not make any use of the workd “Buki.” Marco Antonio Solís went on to pursue a solo career, while the remaining members formed a new band called “Los Mismos”, or “The Same Ones”, but they never reached the popularity that Marco Antonio Solís' solo career did.

Over the years, fans and followers of the band have always wanted a Los Bukis' reunion. However, former members of the band have stated that even though there is no resentment or hard feelings for what happened, they wouldn't want to pursue any kind of reunion of sorts.

Some people say it's wise to change your mind, and apparently is what ultimately Los Bukis did; recent news just set the internet ablaze, when the mexican band Los Bukis and Marco Antonio Solís, together, made the announcement of a long-waited reunion. The concert tour will finally bring them together for the first time in 25 years. According to lead singer Marco Antonio Solís, the pandemic gave him and his teammates much time for reflection and allowed them to go “deep into our conscience and see what was there.” That's the genesis of this whole idea.

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The announcement, made at Los Angeles' Sofi Stadium, included Marco Antonio Solís, José Javier Solís, Roberto Guadarrama, Eusebio “El Chivo” Cortéz and Pedro Sánchez in person. While Joel Solís and José “Pepe” Guadarrama, joined them remotely via videocall. Los Bukis is considered one of the most iconic bands, and the group will start its three-concert tour in LA on August 27, followed by a performance in Chicago on September 4th, and a final night on September 15th in Arlington, Texas.

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