Salma Hayek Sensually Moves Her Hips While Dancing At Marc Anthony's Concert

Salma Hayek attended Marc Anthony's concert in London and while there she was spotted moving her hips and dancing salsa all night

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 06 , 2022 - 10:07 hs
Salma Hayek, Marc Anthony

Salma Hayek, Marc Anthony (AP)

We have seen her posing wearing bikinis, we have seen her in pics with her daughter Valentina and even the rare ones where she is posing with her husband. But this time, Salma Hayek is gifting the fans with an incredible video where she is freely dancing with no worries and making the fans wish to be dancing next to her.

The Mexican actress Salma Hayek has always said that dancing was an important part of her life when growing up, and now as an adult, it appears that it still is one of the things that makes her the happiest because she was carefree while dancing and listening to some salsa.

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Shared with her more than 21 million fans and followers on her social media platform, Salma Hayek posted a video of her moving her hips sensually while dancing at Marc Anthony's concert. While the video has been recently shared, a few days before this, Marc Anthony's fiancée, the former Miss Universe Nadia Ferreira shared a couple of pics of the three of them taking a selfie.

In the video, Salma is wearing a comfy jumpsuit with her hair loose and light makeup. However, what is calling the attention is that Hayek is letting her body go with the flow, dancing seductively, and carefree.

“Saturday night enjoying the extraordinary concert of the king of salsa @marcanthony with his queen @nadiatferreira in #london Disfrutando del extraordinario concierto del Rey de la salsa Marc Antony con su reina Nadia Ferreira en Londres #salsa “ Salma captioned. Marc Anthony has been around Europe with his  “Pa’lla voy” tour.

Fans started to flood her comment section telling her how wonderful she looked. “Still the best, “ wrote one fan while another added, “you're everything.”

While for some, Salma Hayek attending Marc Anthony's concert might sound like a surprise, both of them have known each other for more than two decades. Few fans remember this, but alma Hayek starred in a movie titled n the Time of the Butterflies which was premiered back in 2001, and Marc Anthony had a small role in it playing a love interest of her character.

Anyway, this is not the first time fans spot Salma Hayek dancing salsa, and we seriously hope it's not the last one. A few years ago she released another video where she appeared to be on a stage while a salsa band was playing next to her and again, she was enjoying herself and being the one stealing the spotlight with those dancing moves.

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