If BTS Melted Your Heart With 'Butter' You Have To Listen To The 'Hotter Remix'

If the first version melted your heart, you need to watch the new video of 'Butter - Hotter Remix' where we can watch our favorite boys being more chaotic than ever 

By Ingrid Mateos


BTS (Instagram)

The Bangtan Boys are spoiling us! The septet composed by  Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook released some days ago their second song in English 'Butter' melting the hearts of the entire ARMY. However, that was not enough and now BTS released another version of the amazing song and is titled Butter (Hotter Remix) in case you were wondering they could not heat the air more.


The K-pop band has just landed some great milestone events after the said song was released. They performed 'Butter' for the first time at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards taking home four awards and later appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. And in case you did not know, BTS broke their own previous record on Youtube. The official music video of 'Butter' set a new all-time 24-hour record of 108.2 million views, defeating the boy band's previous record of 101.1 million views for their first No. 1 English-language hit, "Dynamite."

“We would like to express our appreciation to all ARMY for the incredible love and support you have shown for ‘Butter’, the new digital single by BTS. To provide all fans with even more diverse ways to enjoy the music of BTS, we have prepared a remix version of ‘Butter’.” Big Hit music wrote on social media, announcing the release of the new version. "Butter (Hotter Remix)’ will exude a feel that’s delightfully different from the original song’s bright and lively mood. We hope ‘Butter (Hotter Remix’) and its new take on the inimitable charm of BTS will fill your entire day with sizzling energy.”

Now, with the Butter (Hotter Remix) video we can see that it was filmed on the same set of the original, with the members in the same throwback suits and with the same sharp styling they appear in during some scenes of the official Butter video. And while in the first Butter video we can see a well-practiced choreography, the second one might suggest that, in fact, they all look hotter than ever but we could not be more wrong. Yeah, ok, they look amazing but in this second video, BTS charmed us all not by exploiting their sex appeal but rather by being chaotic and more spontaneous.

Obviously, the fanbase of BTS, who identify themselves as ARMY, was more than thrilled with so much exciting news of their beloved Korean boys. Recently, in an interview for 'Good Morning America', they declared that they enjoy all the love they receive from them. RM said "it feels great to see people all around the world enjoy" adding that the best inspiration to create the perfect song, like Butter, is quite simple. "Thinking of ARMY, that's the biggest inspiration," RM said.

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