Elton John Calls Lil Nas X A 'Hero Of Mine' With 'Balls Of Steel'

Elton John received the Icon Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and the 'Rocket Man' could not stop gushing about the 'Montero' singer Lil Nas X

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 28 , 2021 - 08:44 hs
Lil Nas X & Elton John

Lil Nas X & Elton John (FOX)

Elton John is a true gentleman! The English singer is an icon and nothing else is needed to say about this. However, the songwriter also demonstrated at the 2021 iHeartradio Awards why he is an amazing person. Born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Sir Elton John received the Icon Award presented by the 'Montero' singer Lil Nas X. (We have to add that his outfit was marvelous. He wore an oversized pantsuit, shirtless and add to that a white handbag. That's a whole vibe)


The American singer presented him as a trailblazer who paved the way for others to live their life freely. He also reflected on how the British singer inspired not only him but a whole generation by being fearless and added that on behalf of all the people around the world, and even if he did not mean to be a role model, thanked him.

After this heartfelt presentation (Honestly, we were teary here) Elton John gave his acceptance speech and talked about the first time he arrived at Los Angeles when younger, hushed about young artists, and revealed the importance of radio stations back in the day. "I'm very humbled because when I first came to Los Angeles in 1970, radio was so important. I'd never heard of radio in America before because I've never been here before, but it was just incredible to me. In England, we had one station."

The 'Rocket man' singer also said that when he heard himself for the first time on a radio station he was more than excited adding that in his shows he always supports new artists because they need to be heard through the radio. #What this award means is that I still cover new artists, That's what my life's about now. And when I do my shows, I try and promote young artists because they need exposure, they need the radio. I've had my time, as they say.” He added that he was glad and loved that people still played his records.

Before Elton received the award, a musical performance was presented featuring H.E.R., Demi Lovato, and Brandi Carlile. H.E.R sang  "Bennie and the Jets," Carlile took the stage with a powerful "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me," and Lovato went with "I'm Still Standing."

Since his musical career began to the present day, Elton John has over 450 songs and around 40 albums give or take, spanning a variety of genres. So it is no wonder that, nowadays, the musician remains as one of the greatest singers. To end his message, he reciprocated Lil Nas X's affection. "I just want to say a special thanks to Lil Nas X, because he is a wonderful artist and has balls of steel!" John said to the cheering crowd. Following the ceremony, he showered Lil Nas X with even more praise, telling Entertainment Weekly that he’s “a hero of mine”.

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