Demi Lovato talks about her friendship and collab with Ariana Grande

Demi Lovato has just released her seventh studio album titled Dancing with the Devil... the Art of Starting Over and Ariana Grande feats a song!

By Ingrid Mateos


Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande (Instagram)

Following her near-death overdose in 2018, Demi Lovato is back on the right track! The American singer has just released her seventh album 'Dancing with the Devil... the Art of Starting Over' and as the title says she is trying to redeem herself.

The album which includes 19 tracks details Demi's life after her overdose, the strokes she suffered, her recovery, and her healing process. On her seventh track (is seven a lucky number here?) American Singer Ariana Grande is featuring on 'Met Him Last Night' and we could listen to this song on an infinite loop because it is awesome.

During her TikTok 'Headtream' Demi was asked about her friendship with Ariana and the new hashtag created just for both singers 'Dariana' “It's nice to see my name mashed up with someone else's who's gonna be a friend forever,” Demi explained, adding that her name is sometimes linked with people who are no longer a presence in her life. “That makes me sad, but I know Ariana is one that’s always gonna be there. I love ‘Dariana.’”

While you listen to this song you can gather their voices are mixed heavenly but what you won't guess is that they recorded separately due to COVID-19 restrictions. Lovato revealed she would have loved to be in a studio together, describing the possible outcome as 'wild', but probably, because they did not reunite they should take this as an excuse and do another collaboration so they can record together.


Demi Lovato has in high regard her friendship with Ariana Grande since she revealed their friendship is so supportive, implying it is hard to find in the music industry where the whole world “seems to want to pit women against each other, so it would be so easy to do that." According to E! News, Grande, and Lovato became friends in 2013 when they both performed at Wango Tango and in 2018 they were still going strong because Demi revealed that when they hang out “it's super chill”


Ariana Grande was the one behind the lyrics delivering to Lovato as a form of support for all the issues she was dealing with, in simpler words, as a way to describe her hell. “I thought, that’s so incredible, you should just stay on the track — why don’t we sing it together?” Demi recalled. “And she’s super humble and was like, ‘This is for you, I want you to do your thing, I can do harmonies and just be in the background.’ And I was like, ‘No, you're phenomenal, let’s do this.’”

The album contains 19 songs, including "California Sober," "Lonely People," and "Butterfly," as well as previously released tracks, "Anyone," "Dancing with the Devil," and Lovato's collab with Sam Fischer, "What Other People Say."It also features other collaborations with Noah Cyrus on the track "Easy" and Saweetie on the song "My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriend."

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