Dave Grohl calls Kurt Cobain's death one of his “greatest heartbreaks”

Over the years, Dave Grohl, former drummer of Nirvana, has opened about Kurt Cobain's death and what did it mean to him

By Ingrid Mateos


Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl (Twitter)

Twenty-seven years ago, a 27 years old Kurt Cobain was dead. The American singer and songwriter attempted against his life more than once, first, he overdosed on a combination of champagne and Rohypnol, later his wife Courtney Love and friends tried to help him but in the end, in 1994 his body was found with a visible gunshot wound to the head.

Dave Grohl joined Nirvana as a drummer but later bonded with Kurt Cobain writing songs together making him a key member of the band. Recently, Grohl spoke about his experience and how he started to realize Nirvana was gaining fame. “The crowds were getting bigger. The crowds outside of the shows were bigger than the crowds inside the shows. We could see that something was happening, but we really never expected that it would turn out to be as big as it was. I don’t think any of us expected that.”

Grohl also recalled some bitter memories. As he watched how Nirvana got to its peak, he also watched the band at its lowest. All the band members were dealing with Cobain's drug addiction and his tomentous marriage with Courtney Love. Until this day Kurt Cobain's death remains a mysterious fragment in popular history. “It was an incredibly challenging experience and ultimately one of the greatest heartbreaks of my life that Nirvana isn’t still here today making music. Whether it would be called Nirvana or something else.”


He remembered the day after Kurt died, he felt strange to wake up knowing his friend was not there anymore. "I believe it was then that I started to realize, 'Oh OK, you have to do everything once again.' Meaning, like, I have to make a pot of coffee and this is my first pot of coffee since Kurt's gone. I have to go upstairs and get dressed. This is the first thing I'll wear since Kurt has been gone. It goes like that."

But what hurts most to Grohl is that Kurt was not there to do what they did best, write together. “It’s pretty clear that he was blessed with a gift. I think it’s safe to say that he was the greatest songwriter of our generation. I’m very proud to say that I got to be his drummer and play those songs every night.”

Dave Grohl declared he was mourning his friend's death and despite not wanting to join another band he ended turning to music as a way to escape from all the misfortune. The same year of Kurt Cobain's tragedy, Grohl recorded a fifteen-track demo playing all the instruments himself. “It was even difficult just to turn on the radio. I kind of blocked it all out for a while, but my whole life I’d been recording songs on my own, by myself, where I play all of the instruments and I kept it a secret. I was so insecure that I didn’t want anyone to hear it. I didn’t like the songs. I didn’t like the lyrics. I didn’t like my voice, but I felt like it was necessary as some sort of creative exercise or outlet.”

The musician also has revealed he has a recurring dream about Kurt. “They always give me this initial burst of happiness and joy, because Kurt is always in them,” he said. “I do believe there’s an energy to those dreams that makes them more than hallucinations.”

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