Billie Eilish Answered Questions From Justin Bieber, Missy Elliott, Orlando Bloom, And More

Billie Eilish answered twenty questions from twenty celebrities and the topics covered included some mundane things but also some intimate aspects of her life

By Ingrid Mateos


Billie Eilish (Instagram)

Recently, the American singer Billie Eilish sent all the fans into a frenzy revealing that she was the cover of Vogue Magazine in its May issue seeing her as we have never seen her before, wearing some lingerie and showing off her blond looks.

The 'Bad Guy' singer revealed a lot of things concerning body image issues and talked about her upcoming album ' Happier than Ever' but what was really fun to watch was a video released by Vogue where we get to see some famous celebs asking questions to Billie Eilish.


The video started with Missy Elliot on screen asking Billie if there are any songs Eilish has recorded that she never got a chance to make a video for. Billie was surprised, to say the least, because she never imagined that Missy Elliot knew about her. Elliot then revealed that she wished that songs like 'I Love You' or 'Ilomilo' had a visual work but  "The time got away from me." Secondly, Justin Bieber questioned if she had to decide what would she choose, fresh sheets or clean socks? It was a tough question because she replied that doesn't want to sleep on dirty sheets, but also doesn't want to put on dirty socks.


Dominik Fike was next and wanted to know when was the last time she did something for the first time and for that she replied that the answer for that was “really explicit” and could not say it out loud but revealed that the night before the video was shot she went on a date for the first time. The English actress Jodie Comer appeared next and asked what Billie's go-to karaoke song is, which the singer replied it was anything by H.E.R. Then a well-known face to her appeared, her brother Finneas, with whom she writes songs asked her if she has ever seen pictures and not remember where she was and she said that of course, it has happened.

Stormzy complimented her on her songwriting and asked her about the process of writing, Hailey Bieber asked her favorite take-out, Vince Staples about video games and Arlo Parks asked what brings her joy. Other celebs included were Orlando Bloom who was curious about why she became vegan, Viola Davis asked “how do you stay grounded?” Halle Berry revealed her daughter was her biggest fan and asked how often does she take singing lessons and songwriting tips? and director Tim Burton asked something that could be asked to him too “why does everyone think she's from another planet? Or London, or New York?” Mel C and Melissa McCarthy also appeared on screen but we think the most heartfelt question came from Jessie Reyes wanted to know what one thing Billie would give to everyone in the world if she could. "I think I would give everyone the feeling of being content. I think that that's an underrated pleasure," she said.

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