Beyonce And Madonna Mix 'Break My Soul' And 'Vogue' For Their First Musical Collaboration

Beyoncé and Madonna are teaming up for the first time mixing 'Break My Soul' And 'Vogue' creating a perfect song to dance

By Ingrid Mateos

- August 06 , 2022 - 13:45 hs
Beyonce, Madonna

Beyonce, Madonna (AFP, AP)

Queens supporting queens1 After decades of wishing for such collaboration between these two titans in the music industry, fans are not disappointed since now Beyoncé and Madonna are finally reuniting to make their very first collaboration putting everyone to dance.

Unless you have been living in the shadows, Beyonce recently unveiled her album 'Renaissance' bringing lots of tunes for the summer. Just when we thought that nothing could best her, Beyoncé comes and releases 'Break My Soul(The Queens Remix)' where we can easily hear that Bey sampled Madonna's Vogue.

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For the fans of the Queen of Pop, it is well known that the lyrics of Vogue mention lots of iconic figures. Such as “Greta Garbo and Monroe, Dietrich and DiMaggio Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean...” and many, many more of course. Well, Beyonce did the same thing but honored her fellow Black musicians and predecessors.

"Rosetta Tharpe, Santigold / Bessie Smith, Nina Simone / Betty Davis, Solange Knowles / Badu, Lizzo, Kelly Rowl' / Lauryn Hill, Roberta Flack / Toni, Janet, Tierra Whack / Missy, Diana, Grace Jones / Aretha, Anita, Grace Jones / Helen Folasade Adu, Jilly from Philly, I love you, boo / Don't just stand there, get into it / Strike a pose, there's nothing to it / Vogue!" Beyoncé can be heard singing in the track.

Later, she added some more famous figures too. "Michelle, Chloe, Halle, Aaliyah / Alicia, Whitney, RiRi, Nicki" Bey also added some famous houses such as the House of Ninja, House of Xtravaganza, House of Revlon, House of LaBeija, House of Lanvin, House of Telfar, House of Ladosha, House of Mugler, House of Balenciaga and the House of Mizrahi. In fact, the only white person she mentions is “Queen Mother Madonna” since it is her song.

This marks the first musical collaboration between Madonna and Beyonce although it's not the first time they do something together. Back in 2015, Beyoncé alongside Rita Ora, Chris Rock, Miley Cyrus, Diplo, Katy Perry, and a few more appeared in the  “Bitch I’m Madonna” music video

On July 29, Beyoncé released her latest album, "Renaissance," the first solo album that she's done in six years after the success of her 2016 album, "Lemonade." The original version of "Break My Soul" became her highest-charting solo song in six years, debuting at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 ahead of the album's release.

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Despite its success, Beyonce has already had to change two of her lyrics because of being controversial. “Energy” because a sample she used referencing Kelis, and 'Heated' because it used a derogatory word.

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