Amy Winehouse's Best Friend, Tyler James, Speaks About Her Death For The First Time

The last time Tyler James was with Amy Winehouse, both of them were fighting over her alcoholism. He could not handle it anymore and went away. Two days later, she was dead

By Ingrid Mateos

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse (AP)

Ten years have passed since Amy Winehouse left this world and probably there is not a single day that someone does not miss her, The singer died of alcohol poisoning in July 2011 but her legacy is still present until these days.

But Amy Winehouse was not alone. Her best friend, Tyler James is speaking for the first time about her death and how he was affected by it. Tyler met Amy when he was just 13 years old and was with her almost all the time, sharing all the good and the bad. In fact, he was the one trying to convince Amy to quit alcohol and drugs. "I was running out of ideas," he says about trying to overcome her addictions and her long-term bulimia.

Tyler James lived with the late star in Camden, London, and with so many anecdotes, he is now publishing a book written by him  My Amy: The Life We Shared, A chapter that he just shared, details how he always was fed up with trying and not getting a result with Winehouse that most of the time he stormed out of their home and returned two days later.

“Whenever she relapsed, I’d leave because I was worried she would think I was supporting that. So I’d leave, and within two or three days, she would say, ‘Tyler, come home,’ and I would come back,” he said on the UK’s “This Morning” And speaking to The Times, he revealed probably the saddest memory he has. James revealed that he left home two days before Winehouse's death following an argument with her. “I had a massive argument with her because there were letters from the doctor saying if she drank any more, she’d die,” he said, noting that the Amy “didn’t touch drugs,” only alcohol, during the “last three years” of her life. The following day she left a message on his cell, saying, "You all right, darlin'? T, please come home." He did not reply and until the next day, he returned to the worst scenario one could imagine.

An ambulance was parked outside and a paramedic in the hallway. Amy Winehouse was dead in her bedroom. She was just 27 years old and the cause of death was alcohol toxicity. "Amy was my world," he says. I never have had that connection with someone again and I never will. I loved her. I was on a mission. I had a task. I had a job [to make her well] and that's all I wanted to do. He also reveals that he wants people to know that Amy was working had to come off her addictions "I want people to please, please recognize how hard she had worked to come off drugs and just how close she was to [giving up alcohol] for good, how close she was to being healthy," he continues.

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