Why People do not consider Chris Hemsworth a serious actor?

The Australian actor recently revealed in an interview that he thinks he is not considered a serious actor because of his bodybuilding

By Ingrid Mateos


Chris Hemsworth (Instagram)

The Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has under his repertoire movies like Ghostbusters, Bad Times at the El Royale, Star Trek, Extraction, and his well-known role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011. Despite having this impressive filmography, Chris Hemsworth thinks he is not yet considered a serious actor.

In a recent interview for The Telegraph, Hemsworth said he thinks there are some differences when actors gain or lose weight in an “unhealthy” way “There’s an aesthetic that the role requires, Bodybuilding is seen as vanity, whereas if I put on a bunch of unhealthy weight, or got unhealthily skinny for a role, I’d probably be called a serious actor.”


Chris Hemsworth, who is known for being a fan of 'bodybuilding' and for his impressive muscles, has declared that for his role as Thor he overfeeds himself with protein and endless amounts of chicken breast, eggs, steak, fish, vegetables, tuna, avocado, cottage cheese, and brown rice. Even when he is exercising, he does not shy away because if he is not doing it his “body cannot handle it” “I just don’t feel good. I like it for a couple of days, then everything just starts to hurt. I get achy and there’s inflammation, my back’s stiff. I’m just well aware that in order for me to live healthier and happier, I’ve got to keep moving,”

After all of this work, it appears it does not help him to get more serious roles, but he thinks this is comparable to working out and as serious as his acting career. “The training across 10 years of doing it is a full-time job. That and then a 12-hour shooting day — it’s a real grind,” he added. “It’s incredibly rewarding, too — you have to look at it as a professional athlete.” At another point in the interview, he talks about how quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed him to "see how he can manipulate his body" and admitting that probably he overtrained but right now he is the fittest and strongest “I've been before all the Thors. Having this time at home meant I explored different methods, to see how I can manipulate my body with just the right amount of powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts.'

He also declared he focus his training according to what we would watch on screen "You want it to be balanced because there's probably a shirt-off scene somewhere," he added. "You don't want to look like Popeye with one section of the body blown up." The actor lives in Byron Bay, Australia, with his model wife Elsa Pataky and their three children daughter India Rose, eight, and twin sons Sasha and Tristan, seven.

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