Top 10 Kylie Jenner pictures by the pool: her Insta's best!

Here we have a quick review on Keeping Up With The Kardashains's Kylie Jenner and her best pictures by the pool, as uploaded by herself on Instagram.

By Jose Contreras


Kylie Jenner (AP)

Billionaire, businesswoman and fashion icon Kylie Jenner is part of the Kardashian clan, which has been influential in selecting her main style. She has, on several occasions, given advice on beauty, fashion and cosmetics, an area in which she has her own company, Kylie Cosmetics.Therefore, here we bring you the Top 10 of the best images posted on Instagram, where Kylie shows her beauty and her glamor near the pool.

NUMBER 10: Not quite a pool right? Spot number 10 belongs to this beautiful Kylie picture where she clearly shows her astounding figure wrapped up in a light orange dress and tan slippers.

Instagram, July 2020

9. Surrounded by water in a gorgeous infinity pool, just as infinite as Kylie's take on style and beauty. In this simple picture, Kylie can be seen inside a pool showing her upper torso in a pic with artistic movement engraved on it.

Instagram, January 2020

8. With both legs in the water, sunglases on and a pastel color bikini, Kylie poses at the pool with both hands placed in front of the body, and glazing above her sunglasses. Isn't she perfect?

Instagram, April 2020

7. At a different time, day and outfit, Kylie Jenner's body rocks a green swimsuit at the same place she took the previous picture on our countdown.

Instagram, May 2020

6. Sitting on a classic beach loung, both with a beautiful view of the mountains and an infinity pool at her feet, Kylie's glamor begs for a little more of tan.

Instagram, October 2019

5. It's obvious Kylie Jenner loves infinity pools right? Here's number 5 on our countdown: On a skimpy, strapless pale pink bikini, Kylie struts her stuff with sunset as her background. No need for poses here, just her perfect bod and an amazing view of the ocean.

Instagram, January 2019

6. Not quite a picture, huh? This is one of the videos where we can see Kylie at her most natural self: There's no hint of make up on her face, as she glazes her body in taning lotion... in slow motion!

3.Here's our top 3: On this spot we have got Kylie sitting on a diving board and posing in a one-piece swimsuit and casual sneakers, all of this while sporting really long braids. This shows up that our Kylie can be as casual and 'hood' as she wants to, right?

Instagram, March 2020

2. Coming up on number 2, we have one of the sexiest pictures Kylie has ever had taken: at another tanning session, at the same backyard she has taken pictures before, but now wearing a pretty small, red hot bikini, showin her back and attributes along a sensual glare, as if she was reding our souls!

Instagram, November 2020

1. And finally, here's number 1: With her signature dark stare, straight up looking at the camera, Kylie's looks seem to be always building up and having us rave and fight in order to decide which one is the best of all.

Instagram, December 2020

Such ability to handle business and her image with sublime elegance of her make her one of the fastest growing personalities in show business and a social media sensation.

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