This 'Revolutionary' Selena Gomez Mascara Hack Wowed Fans And The Video Tutorial Went Viral

Once again, Selena Gomez has proven to be a highly skilled makeup artist by sharing one of her beauty hacks and going viral

By Miguel Robles

- June 21 , 2022 - 18:16 hs
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez (AFP)

When it comes to makeup, Selena Gomez definitely knows what she's doing. Just like other akin to her generation, for years she's been dedicated to improve and share her beauty techniques with her fans and followers.

One of her most recent hacks has to do with mascara, and the singer recently revealed a 'magic trick' she uses when she applies mascara to her bottom lasher, involving a very unexpected beauty tool that sent fans to the roof.

The 29-year-old pop singer and actress, who has been enjoying major success with the series 'Only Murders In The Building', revealed to turn to handy-dandy tweezers when she needs special definition added to her bottom lashes.

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The 'Same Old Love' singer went on and took TikTok to share her beauty technique wisdom, and posted a video for her cosmetic line, Rare Beauty. Only 43 seconds were needed for her to go viral with this secret she uses when appyling mascara.

The clip, which is set to the Patsy Cline's song titled 'Crazy,' shows Selena's beauty technique consisting on using the tip of a tweezer probe to collect mascara ink from a wand. She then follows the procedure by pressing the tweezer probe together along sections of her bottom lash line – making sure to not smudge it under her eye.

As soon as her video was posted, fans and followers immediately went to boost it to make it viral, and took the opportunity to express their thoughts in the comment section. For instance, when a user wrote “Yooo that tweezer hack had me.” Another fan commented “The tweezer trick is so revolutionary. This is why [you're] a queen.”

A different user shared “Omg never thought of that tweezer trick, Gunna use!” And, of course, these were not the only comments the posted mini-tutorial received on TikTok. In fact, Gomez's viral video had been viewed more than 9.4 million times since its posting, and it also racked up more than 986,700 likes and 7,700 comments.

So far, the beauty entrepreneur has grown her makeup company's TikTok audience to more than 813,100. One of the main strategies she has followed is posting some hacks and makeup tricks herself to the company's TikTok account to chase some clout.

Selena Gomez recently addressed what it was like for her to be a sexualized star at a young age, also revealing how difficult it was for her when she posed nude for the cover of her album titled 'Revival.' The singer mentioned about feeling ashamed at the time: “I had to work through those feelings because I realized it was attached to something deeper that was going on.”

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About the cover, Selena Gomez also said: “I am not an overly sexual person. Sometimes I like to feel sexy, but that doesn't mean it's for somebody else. It can be for me.” Selena launched her cosmetics line 'Rare Beauty' in September 2020.

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