Patti LaBelle Shares The Wacky Story Of How Elton John Paid Her Back For Lost Tupperware

Patti LaBelle shared an amazing story and we learned something:  No matter if you are just a mere mortal or a living legend like Elton John, you must return the Tupperware!

By Ingrid Mateos

- July 17 , 2021 - 14:33 hs
Elton John - Patti LaBelle

Elton John - Patti LaBelle (AP)

Whether you are here or in China, Tupperware must be respected and returned to its owner! However, who could have imagined that the one who broke this golden rule was the one and only Elton John? Not even in our wildest dreams!

American singer Patti LaBelle appeared recently on an episode of Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, and while there the music legend revealed an amazing story that, if we would hear it from someone else we would not believe it. The story happened many years ago when Patti was still with the Bluebelles and Elton John was working as a pianist in her studio. However, magic happened when she started to invite the whole band to her flat and cook something for them.

"I cooked for him and the band because nobody had any pounds, you know? We were in London," she said. "So I would invite them up to my loft every night and give them Tupperware to take home because nobody had food. I said to them at the time, 'Bring my Tupperware to the next show.' They didn't."

After some time they lost contact but again, years later John called Patti and she did not forget easily. I get a call years after that saying, 'Hi, Patti, it's Reggie, I want you to come and see me tonight,'" she recalled of the star born Reginald Dwight. "I said, 'Reggie, who are you opening for?' He said 'I'm Elton John now.' So I said, 'Punk, where is my Tupperware?'''

She went to see him and we suppose that it was at his home when the next part of the story happens. Patti LaBelle then continues the tale, stating that he left a diamond-encrust ring on the piano cross-shaped and when she told him about it, Elton John replied the most amazing thing. I said, 'Elton, your ring!' He said, 'Patti, that's your Tupperware.' I'm so happy for his success, and I haven't sold it!"

This is not the first time that we learn about Patti LaBelle cooking something for someone. In a recent interview for  PEOPLE Everyday podcast., she admitted that she really loved to cook for this specific reason. “I cook to be happy and I cook to make people happy. And when I feed you, if you don't ask for seconds or takeout, I'm going to be angry, because it's from my soul, I give it like I'm doing a show. When I cook, it's like a concert on the stove to me." In fact, she also added a piece of wise advice if you happen to be invited to her house. “When I put all that joy and feeling in it, please say you like it. And if you don't like it, say you love it," she says, before joking. "But never say 'I don't like it.' You can't come back!"

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