Kendall Jenner Proves Her Bleached Eyebrows Are A Bold Look That Is Here To Stay

Once again, Kendall Jenner has established another beauty trend. This time, her bleached eyebrows have become a staple of fashion, and not is taking over TikTok

By Miguel Robles

- May 11 , 2022 - 16:15 hs
Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner (Instagram)

This year's Met Gala became the perfect platform for some celebrities to show their best attires. For others, it was the perfect showcase to display the hottest trends for the forseeable future, not only in terms of fashion, but also for the hottest directions in makeup and hair styles.

Case in point, Kendall Jenner who brought her A-game with eye-catching hair, spectacular outfit and stunning makeup; specifically – we might add – made to be talked about for months and months. Jenner was able to achieve just that easily, with a simple statement made by wearing bleached eyebrows and a custom Prada gown.

The minute Kendall Jenner hit the red carpet, everyone did a double take. It seems that the eyebrows' look really do change a person's face completely. Behind this bold look, makeup artist Mary Phillips was responsible for Jenner's Met Gala glam.

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How to get Kendall Jenner's bleached eyebrows' look?

Makeup artist Mary Phillips is the one responsible for Jenner's Met Gala. In order to achieve the highly popular look, Phillips used Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics products, of course. More specifically, she used Kylie Skin Hyaluronic Acid Serum to prep the skin. Afterwards, she applied Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Bronzing Poweder and Lip Shine Lacquer shades Felt Cuet and You're Cute Jeans – just to name a few.

For her eyes, the makeup artist decided to use Kylie Cosmetics The Bronze Palette – which by the way at the time hadn't come out yet in stores. So, Kendall's appearance was yet another sneak peek for Kylie's collection. We love it. So far, we don't know exactly who bleached her brows because no one is taking responsibility; but they definitely should, as they look amazing and how much of a beauty trend it has become.

But her makeup was not the only aspect of her look that made a statement. Kendall Jenner has been giving perfect cool-girl vibes ever since she changed her color for a spectacular shade of brown. Jet Atkins – responsible for giving her perfect waves, even though Kendall can thank Matt Rez – her colorist – for her pretty shade. In fact, at the time Rez described his client's transformation vibe as a “warm sunkissed brunette.”

Regarding the bleached eyebrows, everyone seem to think will be around for a while, especially since it gives model-off-duty vibes. True, we already know how the Met Gala usually sparks plenty of memes, viral moments; but it also becomes the perfect source for fashion and beauty trends. In fact, Kendall's sister, Kim Kardashian, ultimately was able to achieve the biggest stunt of the night by wearing Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress.

But Kendall, wearing a Prada gown, debuted her now also iconic beauty look, which consisted of bleached eyebrows. And as soon as we saw her walking down the red carpet, we knew then that this was not the first time we were going to see the blonde brows for this summer.

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In fact, the aforementioned trend has already taken over TikTok, as numerous tutorials to achieve Kendall's look have been produced. And not only they show how to achieve the look by actually bleaching them, as well as with makeup. True, the bleached eyebrow has been a thing for quite some time, but this is the first time it has gone mainstream. So, seeing how this year has seen the return of the skinny brow as well, it is safe to say that anything could happen.

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