Jennifer Aniston Is Showing Off Her Natural Hair After Taking A Shower

Make-up free and after taking a shower, Jennifer Aniston is showing off her naturally curly hair looking as beautiful as ever

By Ingrid Mateos

- January 13 , 2022 - 18:26 hs
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston (AP)

Jennifer Aniston is looking better than ever in a new selfie she shared where we can see her naturally curly hair, make-up free, and having all the fun in the world. The 'Friends' star who inspired a whole trend on haircuts back in the 90s is now letting the world know that years have passed and still, her hair looks as gorgeous as ever.

“Okay, Humidity…Let’s go…..@lolavie” the actress captioned. Jennifer Aniston shared two snaps to her more than 39 million fans and followers making all feel a little bit envious if we are being honest. In case you have not seen them, Jennifer Aniston is showing off her natural hair after taking a shower. How do we know? You will just need to take a closer look at the pics.

Jennifer Aniston shared two pictures wearing no makeup at all while her blond hair is being wild. The actress is looking straight at the camera while giving a little smirk If you take a look closely you will see that it looks like she just got out of the shower while her hair is a little bit curly, very different from the haircut we all know and love.

Fans and friends started to flood her comment section with compliments and messages exclaiming that Jennifer Aniston looked better than ever. "Sexy bed hair though…." actress Ali Wentworth commented. Sara Foster added, "Honestly, I'm very into it."

In the caption, we could see that Jennifer Aniston is using the products of her own brand LolaVie, which was launched back in 2021. "We started with the detangler because I'm a big detangler user due to the wear and tear I've done on my hair," Aniston told InStyle back in the day when she released a Glossing Detangler "It's the first step when you get out of the shower so you don't rip through your hair. We tested different batches by giving it out to a wide array of my girlfriends and men who all have different hair types."

LolaVie is vegan, cruelty-free, and made with 99 percent naturally derived ingredients. In fact, when she first released the bran she declared that she wanted it to be functional. "I wanted our first couple products to be multifunctional, like a Swiss Army knife," Aniston revealed to Bazaar "Our Perfecting Leave-In and Glossing Detangler are so much more than their names. They simplify my hair routine on top of delivering better manageability and reducing breakage from styling."

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