How Many Kids Does Jennifer Lopez Have? Know All About Them!

While rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck wanting more kids are around, few fans remember that she already has kids with Marc Anthony

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 19 , 2022 - 10:14 hs
Jennifer Lopez, Max Muñiz, Emme Muñiz

Jennifer Lopez, Max Muñiz, Emme Muñiz (Instagram)

Unless you have been living under a rock, by now everyone knows that Jennifer Lopez is happier than ever with Ben Affleck. Plans of the couple's future are being rumored since they got back together and one of them is that J.Lo and Affleck might welcome a baby of their own to add to their families. 

Unfortunately for the fans who wanted to see a Bennifer baby, such a thing appears to be not on their plans. According to HollywoodLife, an insider said that they have moved on from that stage. “They do not want any new children,” the insider revealed. “They are both past that part in their lives.”

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Nevertheless, Jennifer Lopez shares two kids with ex-husband Marc Anthony while Ben Affleck shares three kids with his ex Jennifer Garner and if they intend to have a blended family, well, now they have five to go.

In fact, the sources also claimed that Ben's ex Jennifer Garner is happy about this. “They are really trying to make this a blended family, and Jennifer Garner finds this to be amazing. She doesn’t mind at all when the kids go over to spend time with their father and JLo because it gives her some alone time too, which is so rare for her.”

As for Jennifer Lopez's kids, they truly are cute together. First of all, you need to know that Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez's kids are twins and their names are Max And Emme Muñiz (Marc Anthony's real name is Marco Antonio Muñiz Rivera.)

Max and Emme were born in 2009 and as for who is the youngest and who is the oldest, Emme was born one minute before her brother at 12:21 a.m.

Jennifer Lopez has gushed about the twins every time she gets. For example, during an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the singer admitted that Max and Emme are like “little adults” despite they are still teenagers.

“They’re amazing, first of all,” she said. “They’re like little adults and they have their own lives and they have all their own ideas about the world already and they love to kind of like, show you that they know things.”


It also appears that we have to thank Emme and Max for keeping their mom on trend because they are the ones teaching her what is happening on social media and the new generations. “They keep me so abreast with the world and what’s happening now and how kids are thinking. It’s a whole different thing. It’s a different world!” she added.

Having two famous singers as parents it should not come as a surprise that both have taken. In fact, Emme accompanied her mom at the Super Bowl halftime show and sang a little while Max has been seen singing on her mom's social media.

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