How Does Ana De Armas Stay So Fit? Know All About Her Diet And Workout Routine

It can be said that Ana de Armas is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, but does she follows a diet or workout routine?

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 16 , 2022 - 20:10 hs
Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas (Instagram)

Ana de Armas is one of the Hollywood actresses being recognized recently for her roles in movies but also for her beauty and her grace. More recently, we have seen her portray Marilyn Monroe in Netflix's Blonde captivating the audiences.

However, this is not the only acclaimed movie she has appeared in. We all have watched Ana de Armas in movies such as 'Knives Out', 'Blade Runner 2049' and of course, the latest James Bond installment 'No Time To Die' alongside Daniel Craig.

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What most people do not know about the actress is that in most of her movies, Ana de Armas does her own stunts and tries hard in order to do them despite not having enough time. “I tried to have a training plan!” she said about No Time to Die. “My preparation for No Time To Die was not as long as I would have liked it to be.

To accomplish such feat, she needs to stay healthy by following a diet and a workout routine. So, the main question here is, how does Ana de Armas stay so fit?

Unfortunately for the fans, the Cuban actress has revealed to several outlets that she does not exactly follow a diet, and instead, we can blame her genes for her amazing curves. In an interview with People Magazine, Ana admitted that despite the beauty standards in Hollywood being hard, she prefers to be happy, and food makes her feel that way.


“It’s hard not to get into that dynamic here, not to let them get inside your head. There are too many expectations. The truth is that I’m not very disciplined with diets. In general, I do whatever makes me happy in life, ” she said, emphasizing, “and food makes me quite happy!” De Armas revealed.

However, something that truly helps the actress is that despite she eats whatever she wants, she hits the gym in order to stay fit, healthy, and balanced. “Exercise also makes me happy, but it has to be fun. I do something different every day — one-day boxing, the next spinning or weight training — to not get bored.”


Last year Ana De Armas also revealed that she did a bit of a change in her workout routine because while filming The Gray Man, she started doing Pilates. “I’ve been going to this beautiful Pilates studio very close to my hotel,” she said to Vogue. “It’s in this gorgeous old majestic building on the top floor with windows to the river.” In her own words, Pilates’ reformer, chair, and bench work are good for “keeping me sane” and fit.

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