Has Kendall Jenner Had Plastic Surgeries? She Denies It Despite Her Face Changed Over The Years

Rumors about facial plastic surgeries have always surrounded her, but Kendall Jenner denies that her face has gone under cosmetic procedures

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 12 , 2022 - 20:48 hs
Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner (AP, Instagram)

It is said among the fans of the Kardashian-Jenner family, that Kendall Jenner is the most beautiful of them all not only because she is the youngest, but because her features are a little bit more delicate than all her sisters.

Over the years, the Kardashian Jenner Family has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors and while most of them have denied it, Kendall Jenner is not the exception. While the supermodel is well known for being naturally slim and the tallest of them all, the opposite could be said about her face since fans believe she has had plastic surgeries.

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Many have been the rumors about Kendall Jenner getting plastic surgery, but one of the most prominent ones happened back in 2017 when she appeared with fuller lips. Fans were quick to point out she got lip fillers but she blamed it all on the makeup.

Apparently, Kendall let Kylie do her makeup for a Facebook Live and there people started talking. The criticism was so harsh that she had to come out and address this. “All of a sudden, photos of us came out with headlines like, ‘OMG Kendall got her lips done and got full facial reconstruction — look at her cheekbones, look at her nose!’ I was like, this is CRAZY. I didn’t even address it at the time. Because if I address it, people are going to be like “Oh, so she’s defending herself—she must be guilty.”

Apparently, she took it very personally and exclaimed that she was sick of being slammed on the internet detailing that she is a model and as such, she does not have reasons to change her appearance. “As a model, why would I have my face reconstructed? It doesn’t even make sense,” she said. “It’s crazy because sometimes I feel like people just want me to lose. I found this Instagram page devoted to Kardashian bashing and it has a lot of followers.”

She continued. "I don’t ever take that stuff personally, but it was upsetting me for me to look at because this person dedicated an entire page to just dissing the whole family and being like, ‘These people suck.’ I just felt sad for whoever’s behind it — who has the time? People forget that they’re talking about real people who have real feelings and actually live their everyday lives (for the most part) just like everyone else.”

Anyway, she can deny it every time she wants, but in October 2021 she was spotted leaving a plastic surgeon's office with a full mask face on. It was not revealed the procedure she got done, but the office performs facials, botox, fillers, skin tightening, facelifts, nose jobs, and more.

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