Eiza Gonzalez And The Yellow Dress That Caught Everyone's Attention

Eiza Gonzalez attended the Oscars for the first time wearing an incredibly bright yellow gown stealing the spotlight

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 15 , 2022 - 16:26 hs
Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez (Instagram)

Nowadays, one of the most prominent Mexican actresses in Hollywood is Eiza Gonzalez who has starred in several acclaimed films. However, not only her talent is stealing the spotlight but also her beauty, charisma and fashion style which make the fans look at what she is wearing surely making it a trend.

Eiza Gonzalez has earned stardom for having starred in several movies like 'Godzilla vs.Kong.', 'Ambulance', and 'I Care A Lot'. Nevertheless, she was most known for her role in 'Baby Driver', a movie that earned three Oscar nominations.

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Despite she was not nominated, Eiza Gonzalez attended the Academy Awards in 2018, making it the first time she walked down the red carpet. Because it was a very important night for her since the world was going to see her, she had to make the best of the night and the outfit surely was one of the most crucial things to choose.

So, the time the Mexican actress attended the Oscars for the first time went to become the night Eiza Gonzalez wore a yellow dress that caught everyone's attention. The gown was designed by Ralph Lauren.

At first glance, anyone would think that it was one of the most simple dresses that night, but when the actress turned around, it can be seen that on her back two straps were holding the dress, which added the perfect percent of sexiness required.

Eiza completed the look with her brunette hair cascading down her shoulders in waves, diamond earrings, and her now-signature red lips. As you can see, not much was needed to make her one of the best dressed of the night.


In fact, days later after the Oscars night, Eiza Gonzalez spoke with People and admitted that the dress being bright yellow was completely intentional and called it a therapeutic experience.

She said, “Listen, that’s how I felt at the moment. I felt very full of life, and I felt that as soon as I wore that yellow, I felt very sure of being a woman. And I feel like that’s really helped me to get where I am – being very secure of myself, and carrying myself, and I knew it was going to be a pop of color in a sea of women and I did it also for myself – it was therapeutic.”

When asked if she was nervous about the big night, Eiza admitted that she was more nervous about other factors. “I was just more nervous about being a Latina immigrant representing there,” she said before adding “I’ve been taken in in a very nice way, but it’s been hard and it’s been a real journey and a real struggle, and it’s fighting typecasts and stereotypes every single day, and proving to people that we can be multidimensional and be very layered women and we are not just one thing.”

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