Does Pete Davidson's Mom Approve Her Son Dating Kim Kardashian?

Pete Davidson appears to be happier than ever dating Kim Kardashian, but does his mother approve of the mogul as his partner?

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 21 , 2022 - 10:44 hs
Pete Davidson, Amy Davidson, Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson, Amy Davidson, Kim Kardashian (Instagram)

Moms can be a bit scary when introducing a new love interest no matter how old you are. Mothers can be all sweet and supportive but also judge the new partner and not approve of the new relationship. Having said this, is no wonder many have questioned how Pete Davidson's mom Amy Waters Davidson reacted when learning that her son was dating Kim Kardashian instantly becoming a sensation in pop culture.

Over the years the former SNL comedian has shown the world that his bond with his mom is really strong so it is no wonder that Amy Davidson is supportive of her son no matter her decisions in life. From living together even when he was already a star to making appearances alongside her son, Amy Davidson is beloved among Pete's fans.

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So, the key question is, does Pete Davidson's mom approve of her son dating Kim Kardashian? While she is not a celebrity, Pete's mom has shared a few glimpses of her approval and support, and even, according to insiders, she is happy if her son is happy.

The most direct answer came earlier this year on Mother's Day when it was reported that Kim Kardashian sent flowers to Pete Davidson's mom. According to HollywoodLife, an insider claimed that it was “the most beautiful arrangement of flowers” and that Amy Waters Davidson was touched by this revealing she “absolutely adores Kim.”

But being as famous as Kim Kardashian is can bring certain problems right? Well, the insider also added that Mrs. Davidson could not be happier. “She thinks she is perfect for her son and doesn’t care about her fame or her money.”

Kim Kardashian sending pics to her mother-in-law was not the reason Pete's mom approved of her. A few months ago Amy Davidson gave a major clue about her thoughts on social media, and to make this even more surprising, she did not write a thing.

When Kim and Pete's relationship was a low-key affair a fan account on social media shared a picture a paparazzi took. If you searched in the comment section a fan left a comment that read "She will be pregnant with his child by the end of the year." The comment received a ton of comments and guess who was among the people dropping a like. You guessed, Pete Davidson's mom. To make things even better and prove that she is truly accepting of Kim, she dropped a "Yayyy!" but quickly deleted it.

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