Zendaya And Tom Holland Say Timothée Chalamet Could Be A Good Villain In Spider-Man

Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon revealed in an interview that Timothée Chalamet could be an excellent Spiderm-Man villain

By Ingrid Mateos

- December 09 , 2021 - 16:37 hs
Tom Holland, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya

Tom Holland, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya (AP)

Who better to approve someone else into the Spider-Man world than the two protagonists? While the fans have not seen Timothée Chalamet in a Marvel or DC movie, Tom Holland and Zendaya have given their seal of approval over the 'Dune' joining them into the franchise.

During a recent interview for Associated Press, the stars of the Spiderman saga Tom Holland and Zendaya alongside Jacob Batalon talked about the future of the hero and who should join them in their adventures.

During their chat, Zendaya, Tom Holland, and Jacob Batalon concurred that Timothée Chalamet would be a good option as a villain to join them in Spider-Man.

"I don't know. People want him to be Harry Osborn," said Zendaya, referencing the role that previously portrayed James Franco and Dane DeHaan. "I think he would be a good friend of Spider-Man. Or a foe of Spider-Man!"

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Tom Hollan agreed with her and added "I think it would be good to bring him in as a friend and then he kind of becomes bad, and then he can be a villain. He'd be a good villain."

Zendaya again chimed in and said that it would be very funny for Timothée to be a villain because he is in fact, a very nice guy. "Such a nice bloke, yeah," said Holland.

The next bit threw some fans off because Tom Holland then added the plot that Chalamet's possible villain should follow. "Maybe he comes for MJ and I'm like, 'Whoa, Harry! You better watch where you're movin' around my girl, bro!'" Is Tom reflecting on something here?

While it sounds that they have everything arranged for Timothée Chalamet to just step in and agree to do an upcoming Spider-Man movie, the 'Call Me By Your Name' star has revealed in the past that he does not intend to pursue a career in the superhero world.

Earlier this year during an interview with Time Magazine, Chalamet revealed a little story about how one of his real-life heroes have him a little piece of advice that he intends to follow. "One of my heroes — I can't say who or he'd kick my ass — he put his arm around me the first night we met and gave me some advice: 'No hard drugs and no superhero movies.'" he said.

The most incredible part here is that when actors were auditioning to play Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman in the 2017s movie, Chalamet was among the ones who auditioned, but the role ultimately was taken by Tom Holand.

"I read twice and I left sweating in a total panic," Chalamet said at the time, per The Hollywood Reporter. "I called my agent Brian Swardstrom and I said, 'Brian, I thought about this a lot and I have to go back and knock on that door and read again,' and he told me the story of Sean Young and how, in an attempt to become Catwoman, she had scared everyone away when she showed up at the studio gates in costume."

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