Why did Ana de Armas really broke up with Ben Affleck?

Even though their relationship was sailing smoothly for almost a year, apparently Ana de Armas was the one who decided it to call it quits

By Miguel Robles

Ben Affleck / Ana de Armas

Ben Affleck / Ana de Armas (AP)

It seems that one of the most recently succesful love stories within the entertainment industry has come to an abrupt end; thus confirmed by gossip specialist platform TMZ, which claims that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas has called it quits recently. According to the website, it was Ana de Armas the one who flaked the relationship with Ben.

Some sources even mention that the actors' relationship, which has been navigating smoothly for almost a year, has ended under amicable terms from both sides. 'No muss, no fuss', and none of them is holding any kind of grudge, nor hard feelings for one another. Or so it seems.

The first time we officially saw the couple showing public displays of affection was in March of 2020; back then, Ben and Ana didn't hold back and were seen all over town getting along under different situations. In fact, the relationship evolved to an advanced point in which not only Ben actually introduced Ana de Armas to his kids, but she also reportedly moved in with him.

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck met when they shared a film project; they were shooting a movie intitled 'Deep Water', which they both starred. After that, the couple took some time off and visited her native Cuba together.


The relationship escalated quickly after that. Not only did we start to see them showing off their affection practically everywhere, but Ben immediatly integrated her into his family life. Also, their cute routine of walking their dogs together became a staple for this relationship, taking over all possible tabloid posts all over the internet.


However, this break-up isn't necessarily recent news; it has been a while since the couple showed any trace of being in a relationship for that matter. Actually, last time that Ben and Ana de Armas were seen together was almost two months ago, way back in November.

Recently, Ben has been under the spotlight after some comment he made regarding his relationship with JlO, back in 2001. He mentioned recently on the Awards Chatter Podcast, by The Hollywood Reporter, that the couple's failure was due to constant harassment she experienced from press outlets and the paparazzi. “People were so mean about her... sexist, racist. Ugly”, he said. “.

According to Ben, all the things that were written 'against' her, back then, were so vicious that they would be a cause for termination today just for saying those things. Then, he continued on to praise on how her career has launched since then, and applauded all the things she was able to accomplished.

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