Why Jennifer Lopez HATED Sharing The Super Bowl Halftime Show With Shakira In 2020

Jennifer Lopez revealed, through her latest documentary titled 'Halftime,' how pissed she was to share the infamous Super Bowl Halftime Show with Shakira

By Miguel Robles

- June 10 , 2022 - 12:24 hs
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez (Netflix)

Jennifer Lopez, who went on to have an amazing show at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime, was absolutely PISSED about sharing the whole ordeal with Shakira.

This, according to a new documentary tracking JLO's career – which specifically focuses on the work that went into that halftime show appearance – the pairing with Shakira was not ideal. Even though the 52-year-old pop icon graced the world stage for the NFL's big halftime show alongside the other world-famous pop superstar.

The highly-anticipated documentary, titled 'Halftime,' follows the Jenny from the Block sensation as she enters her 50s, and it premiered this week at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Produced by Netflix, the doc is set to be released on the streaming app later this month.

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One of the main focuses of this documentary is to narrate all the major difficulties Lopez experienced sharing the stage with Shakira, as both A-listers tried to figure out how to work alongside each other. And one of the more surprising moments of the documentary, is when Ben Affleck makes an appearance and slams the set-up, blaming NFL execs for having two women do a job that historically had gone to a single artist. The singer mentioned:

“We have six f**ing minutes. We have 30 seconds of a song, and if we take a minute, that's it, we've got five left. But, there's got to be certain songs that we sing, though. We have to have our singing moments. It's not going to be a dance f**king revue. We have to sing our message.”

But she didn't stop there. López was particularly incensed at the execs who insisted on having two stars share the stage, saying:

“This is the worst idea in the world to have two people do the Super Bowl. It was the worst idea in the world... This is something I have been working for and hoping for for years.”

Of course, Jennifer Lopez was not the only one taking an issue with it. Her manager, Benny Medina, was another person speaking in the new documentary and weighed in as well about the matter. Medina offered historical context for the dramatic decision to put two artists in such close quarters for the halftime show.

“Typically, you have one headliner at a Super Bowl. That headliner constructs a show, and, should they choose to have other guests, that's their choice. 'It was an insult to say you needed two Latinas to do the jobe that one artist historically has done.”

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Even though back then Shakira and Jennifer Lopez didn't find a way to work together, they kept the whole situation very professional. It's just that, well, neither one wanted to share the stage with the other. Which makes sense, as they're both solo stars who are very capable – and they have – of filling stadiums on their own.

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