Watch How Long Does It Take For Kylie Jenner To Get Her Makeup Done

In a video alongside beauty guru Ariel Tejada, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics went on to show how much time does she spends in getting her makeup done

By Miguel Robles

- August 09 , 2021 - 13:40 hs
Kylie Jenner, Ariel Tejada

Kylie Jenner, Ariel Tejada (Youtube)

If you've ever wondered how come Kylie Jenner looks so good all the time, there is a reason for that. Not only she's a specialist when it comes to what type of products she uses to get a freaking good look, but she also is aware that the only way to achieve a perfect makeup demands some effort and some time.

According to a new video, which she uploaded to her YouTube channel on Friday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star went on to reveal that she spends an astounding amount ot time to get ready. In total, she spends three and a half hours to apply makeup every single day, before she's ready for almost anything.

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In the video, which Kylie shared with her makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, the 23-year-old was thankful for him to brighten her day, no matter what her mood is when they're working together. Also, she went on to admit that even when the MUA takes so much time to get his work done, she is very happy with the results. “At the end, I'm happy. You know it's – every second is worth it but he takes forever. He takes forever,” Kylie said to his laughter.

Even if it seems that Kylie threw some shaed at the beauty guru by revealing the amount of time he takes to get her ready, he also had the opportunity to reveal what is the thing he dislikes the most of working with her. When asked, he immediately said that he hates when she doesn't give him the attention needed for him to work properly. According to him, Stormi's mom is always looking at her phone while they're together. However, Kylie also went on to address the accusation, by saying that “I work on my phone all day. The only way I'm gonna get through three and a half hours of makeup with you is if I entertain myself a little.” In any case, had she paid more attention to Tejada's instructions instead of constantly checking her phone, probably he wouldn't need as much time to get the job done.

This recent Kylie video was also a way for her to promote her latest makeup line, which is being released to coincide with her 24th birthday. The collection is called 24k, and it comprises several products like a pressed powder palette, glittery liquid liner duo, a lip serum and a body glow, among others.

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In the video we can see how Tejada applies the 24k Gold Lip Serum on Kylie, followed by an “Eye Shadow 24,” which Kylie reveals that the number of shades she wanted was to honor her 24th birthday accordingly. The billionaire founder of Kylie Cosmetics' birthday is on August 10, and in the video she screams “I'm old!” Take a look at the funny video above, in which Tejada and Jenner share an intimate moment during their work for us to see.

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