Viewers Are Convinced Amber Heard Staged Photos During Sobbing Testimony

Fans and viewers have made to the conclusion that Amber Heard's reactions during the defamation trial are completely staged

By Miguel Robles

- May 11 , 2022 - 11:17 hs
Amber Heard

Amber Heard (AFP)

Amber Heard is definitely making the most out of her time on the stand, during the defamation trial against Johnny Depp. At least, this is what some of the viewers have agreed on.

It has previously been reported how the 'Aquaman' star has been giving her highly-anticipated testimony, in which she has aired out all kinds of dirty laundry about their relationship. In fact, she has even included some new accusations.

However, among all those iconic moments, that have become classic memes for Twitter to spread, some eagle-eyed viewers have pointed out specific actions the actress has done, that has raised some eyebrows. But we're not talking about something she said, and it's more about something they think she's been doing: pose for a “sad testimony” photo.

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There is a particular clip that has made its way into the internet, becoming viral, in which the actress can be seen taking a pause in her testimony to blow her nose with a tissue amid particularly tearful testimony.

The aforementioned move struck some as odd, especially because Amber first looked to the side, then put the tissue on her nose, glanced over again, and then held the tissue for a moment without moving – and a flash was seen on her face, as if someone was taking her photo.

This display immediately led many to believe that Amber Heard was “posing” for a weepy photo opportunity amid the ongling legal proceedings. Especially at a point where their PR agents have embarked in a paralell battle outside the court to at lest win the best opinion regarding their clients.

Some of the comments regarding her actions definitely expressed doubt, take a peek at what some of her fans and followers have wrote:

“Did Amber just pose for a sad photo with that tissue?”

“Amber Heard looks like she posed for the camera with a tissue”

“I had to go back to find it online and make sure my eyes spotted it correctly & my mind wasn't playing tricks on me”

“She even looked over at the photographers”

“Amber Heard is so manipulative, you can literally see her pull out a tissue and give someone a look so they take a picture and she isn't even crying!”

So far, it is unclear if the press were taking pictures of Amber Heard at this time. What we do know, is that viewers reached the conclusion of her posing for the camera, since cameras have been allowed in the courtroom giving us the opportunity to watch the whole testimony.

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This is not the first time Amber has been accused of something by fans and followers, since they have previously stated that she stole lines in her testimony from the film 'The Talented Mr. Ripley;' however this was quickly debunked by her NOT HAVING SAID ANY OF THAT. In this case, though, this is more of a viewer's interpretation than something that can be easily proved.

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