Vanessa Hudgens stuns in steamy bathing suit a la Elizabeth Hurley

What started as an innocent posting by british actress and model Elizabeth Hurley, seems to have become a trend among celebrities on their insta accounts

By Miguel Robles

- February 10 , 2021 - 18:03 hs
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens (AP)

We know we've been living atypical times with the pandemic and all. Nothing is the same anymore, and a lot of things, and our routines seem to have changed forever. For some, there's all these changes towards our socialization practices; for others though, it seems that alterations have come in different ways.

There is a recent trend among celebrities on social media, in which they keep posting thirst trap images sporting micro bikinis, enticing bathing suits, or appearing topless even, but framed in unconventional scenarios. Making clear that, for them, winter is not winter anymore. Snowy landscapes, snow storms, cold weather, it doesn't mean anything anymore and they have become the best stage to snap a picture of these incredible beautiful and bold women.


The first one to set this trend was no other than Elizabeth Hurley, who posted on her Instagram account a photograph of her topless, wearing a heavy and glamorous fur coat to cover the rest of her body, but highlighting the bottom of the two-piece garment, part of her bikini line. Following her steps, another daring model posted some audacious snaps on her insta account. It was Jasmine Sanders, and we were able to see her posing in skis, wearing a bikini and a flashy Moschino jacket. Again, in the snow.

With both Elizabeth Hurley and Jasmine Sanders, the internet went nuts. All their fanbase applauded their boldness and her daring posts, commenting only positive things about they way they look, and feeling connected to their favorite stars. However, this trend is far from being over, since another superstar has joined the duo to make her own version of what, if any more celebs join them, we will have to catalogue this as a challenge.

Elizabeth Hurley's Instagram

It was Vanessa Hudgens who joined the bizarre celeb trend of standing in the snow wearing a bikini or a bathing suit that was barely there. The High School Musical actress was bold enough to face the cold weather and sported a plunging black swimsuit, with some accessories like the 90s classic choker. But this was not the only garment she sported for the photograph, since she used another layer to cover from the temps, and this was a long black jacket. The neon boots were icing on the cake, since they matched perfectly with her headband.

Even though Vanessa credited this idea for the snap to Jasmine, it was Elizabeth Hurley who did it first. Actually, Hurley's photo caused such a controversy that british host Piers Morgan called it “creepy”, believing the images were snapped by Elizabeth Hurley's 19 year old son. However, the actress and model later responded to these claims, asserting that the photos were not taken by her offspring but by her 90 year old mum.

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