Top 5 'The Voice' coaches ranked from worst to best in the show

Right after the blind auditions, it has been announced that Ariana Grande will join The Voice as a replacement for Nick Jonas. It's the best time to refelct on who has been the best and the worst coach in the reality competition

By Miguel Robles

The Voice

The Voice (NBC)

The current season of The Voice is at the Battles' stage right now, which for those who have been fans of the TV show, this means that the reality is right on track to come to and end, even though it seems the season has just started. However, since we've been living in difficult times, often wishing the pandemic to be over, news about the future fly very fast.

One of the recent surprises regarding the competition TV series, which immediately became a riot on social media, was the announcement of Ariana Grande who will join as a coach for the upcoming 21st season, replacing singer Nick Jonas to occupy the most famous turning chair on television. According to the Grammy winner, she feels beyond excited to join John Legend, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson on the show.

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For ten years, the TV Show has become a staple in reality television, and has seen a long line of talented singers competing to win the first place. Thanks to a wide variety of coaches, who have shared their tips and knowledge, the contenders have been able to bring their game to the next level prompting them up to win the competition. Here are the Top 5 coaches in the history of the show, ranked from worst to best. Which one is your fave?

5. Gwen Stefani


She has been in the show for five seasons, finally bringing Carter Rubin to the end and conquering the competition. To be honest, her participation in the reality series has always been weird; especially for a show that dwells on the importance of the voice over the artist image, (an aspect she loves to include in the show). However, it was her victory the reason why the audience made peace with her, and of course all the drama behind the scenes involving her relationship with co-host Blake Shelton.

4. Adam Levine


The singer was the first coach to win the competition, with Javier Colon as the contender. It was during the first season of the show, when Levine made it clear that moving forward, he wasn't going to be an easy competitor to defeat. During his quest as a coach, he was extremely tenacious, bringing home the first trophy three times. One of the most significant strategies Levine used in order to win, was to consider the importance of choosing the perfect song for his singers, which he did on point and brought the winning medal home thanks to the power of his team member's voices.

3. John Legend


The minute the singer planted on his chair, the other coaches knew what kind of a force to be reckoned Legend was. Chrissy Teigen's beloved husband arrived to the show after adding the last letter to his EGOT, meaning he already won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. Up to this day, John has won on one occasion, and it was the first season he was involved in the show. Now he is willing to fight for more, and of course he has the best tool required to do this job: his talent.

2. Kelly Clarkson


Clarkson's entrance to The Voice was huge. She started winning the first season she participated in, but also she went on to win the following two next seasons. There's a reason for that, aside from her multiple talents: she knew what was going on, since she was a winner in American Idol back in the day. However, nobody saw what came after Adam Levine abrutply left the show, and Shelton made of Kelly his own punching bag to make fun of her. Of course, this is only for show, because we already know they are besties in real life.

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1. Blake Shelton


Undoubtedly, Blake Shelton is the top winner on this list. Not only because he has won the competition seven times as a coach, but also because the artists that have competed under Shelton's wings, have built a successful career in the music industry, after their time in The Voice. Blake has been the only coach to have made an appearance on the show for 20 seaons now, a time in television that helped him reach a wider audience, aside from country fans, who have met a different side of Shelton's personality.

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