Tom Hanks Is Compared To Will Smith After Yelling At Fan For 'Knocking Over' His Wife

Tom Hanks lost his temper trying to defend his wife Rita Wilson and now fans are praising him and comparing him to Will Smith

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 18 , 2022 - 09:40 hs
Tom Hanks, Will Smith

Tom Hanks, Will Smith (AP)

It is said by those who have encountered, that Tom Hanks is one of the nicest stars in Hollywood. In fact, his reputation precedes him since it is also said that despite his fame and fortune he remains one of the actors who are still grounded on earth.

Having said this, fans were more than shocked when they saw Tom Hanks yell at a fan who tripped on his wife Rita Wilson while trying to get an autograph or a selfie.

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Fortunately for the actor, the shock and surprise the fans got were quickly changed with praise for defending his wife but also, a very strange thing happened: Fans started comparing Tom Hanks to Will Smith after the Oscars slap and shared their opinions saying that the way Tom Hanks handled the situation was the decent way to do it.

In a video that has been shared first by TMZ, we can watch Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson followed and surrounded by fans and paparazzi. At some point, while heading to their car someone bumps into Rita Wilson, and here is where things got tricky because Hanks did not like this at all.

Then, Tom Hanks quickly turns around. puts his hands in the air and starts yelling at them. "Back the f--- off!" he says before adding "Knocking over my wife?" Then he gets in the car after Wilson while everyone apologizes to him; even some of them were visibly embarrassed by what they just did.

After this, fans had a field day on social media claiming that the people chasing the actors was completely wrong. “How do you get (fairly) yelled at by Tom Hanks in public and like…go back to living your life? How do you not stop and immediately find a therapist to help you cope with that? “ said a person on Twitter.

Nevertheless, others were not so kind and started comparing Tom Hanks to Will Smith but in a positive way. “Will Smith should be taking notes. Tom Hanks saw the problem and immediately took control of the situation. This is how you stop people from messing with your wife.” said a person while another added “This is how you defend your wife Will Smith. No need to hit.”

This comes months after ill Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith and her alopecia condition. He won the Oscar for Best actor but since then has faced the wrath of Hollywood and even his projects have been canceled. Meanwhile, Tom Hanks is thriving with his latest movies 'Elvis' and 'Pinocchio.

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