This is why you no longer see Ariana Grande carrying her Starbucks everywhere

After showing her love affair for Starbucks on social media throughout the years, Ariana decided to cut ties with the mermaid's coffee, after the brand's lack of support for the BLM movement

By Miguel Robles

- April 16 , 2021 - 17:07 hs
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande (AP)

For several years, Ariana Grande's fans were witnesses of her long-time affair with Starbucks coffee. However, her love for the brand fell apart and she decided to cut ties with her much-loved coffee chain. After this, Ariana decided to show her love for black-owned and independent coffee businesses in Los Angeles by tagging them on her colossal social media platform to promote them.

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Ariana Grande's promotion is not too shabby. She currently has 231 million followers on Instagram, and 83 million on Twitter. However, this promotion is not a marketing stunt, or the product of a marketing deal. The idea behind this is a show of solidarity to support the Black Lives Matter movement, especially after it was revealed that Starbucks banned some employees who wore clothing supporting BLM.

Even though the coffee giant apologized for this, and said employees were allowed to show their support for BLM, it appears the damage has already been done. Throughout the years, Ariana has been spotted with an iced coffee from Starbucks almost everywhere, and her love for the brand even went on to turn into a business venture, in which both sides collaborated to create Ariana's personalised Cloud Macchiato.

However, the singer decided not only to stop her support for Starbucks, but also went on an unfollowing binge, in which not only did she get rid of several famous people, but she did unfollow Starbucks as well. She reportedly unfollowed Lea Michele as well, after some rumours about the Glee star making a “living hell” for black actors' lives on the set of the Ryan Murphy show.

At the same time, it was revealed that Ariana offered her financial support to Sorella, a black owned business, after it was damaged during BLM riots. This is definitely a proof of how Ari knows the power of supporting the movement with her money and influence as much as fighting for social change.

Recently it was revealed that Ariana will become a part of The Voice, replacing Nick Jonas on the popular singing competition reality. Even though the news itself were exciting for The Voice fans, as well as Ariana's, what ultimately went to make it to the headlines was the fact that she was spotted with her boyfriend Dalton, heading to the local coffee shop, with him in the driver's seat.

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It was Dalton Gomez who went inside the coffee shop to get their coffee and baked goods while Ariana waited in the car, alright, but the thing that caught everyone's attention was the fact that they decided to go to Starbucks to get their supplies. This, after months of “banning” the store. True, Ariana didn't post anything in support of the brand, but that doesn't mean the love for the mermaid is gone.

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