These Celebrities Dominated Social Media This Week: Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez And More...

The most popular video platform in the world never rests: videos showing luxury shopping in Europe or yacht trips are trending this week

By Yamne Hallal

- August 06 , 2022 - 15:44 hs
Will Smith, Selena Gomez, Addison Rae & Kylie Jenner

Will Smith, Selena Gomez, Addison Rae & Kylie Jenner (AP)

When the weekend approaches, two things could happen: either a lot of things that happened during the week and that everyone is talking about accumulates, or something impressive happens and earns its 5 minutes of fame on social media.

Everything that happens on TikTok stays on TikTok, celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Addison Rae never stop trending on social networks. However, the week was full of new rumors, such as Selena Gomez's new boyfriend.

Bad Girl: Addison Rae slammed for ‘blasphemous’

Who took the first place in trends was the model Addison Rae (obviously) and not because of her trends on the most used video platform in the world but because last Thursday she published a photograph of her modeling in a bikini.

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But what was the problem? Well, it was the 'Holy Trinity Bikini' line from Praying and Addias Although in the photograph Addison is only seen from the waist to the head, the words 'Father' and 'Son' are written on her breasts, and well, we all know where the 'Holy Spirit' was.

The post outraged the Christian community and prompted Addison Rae to remove the post. However, that didn't stop some of her TikTok videos from reaching 9 million views.

Did Kylie Jenner Call Daughter Stormi 'Spoiled'?

Another of the celebrities who has been stealing everyone's attention is Kylie Jenner, who reached 11.5 million views in a video of her with her daughter Stormi. In the video, the businesswoman is seen going shopping at the Harrods store in London, where they also have products from their own brand Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Baby.

In addition to the fact that Kylie took Stormie shopping in London, her followers were amused that she called her daughter 'spoiled' after spending $16,000 on designer cosmetics, shoes and handbags.

"Is this not the craziest? You are a spoiled, spoiled girl," said Kylie Jenner. After that, all his followers on Instagram and TikTok have asked her to adopt them (no words, I want the same) and the video accumulates views and likes every minute.

The Will Smith–Chris Rock slapping incident 

Will Smith should dedicate himself to being an influencer, seeing that he is very successful on his TikTok account. The iconic slap he gave Chris Rock caused every video Will uploaded to the platform to be played by millions of people, even reaching 17.7 million in his apology video.

The famous slap happened on March 27th 2022 and before that Will's TikTok account didn't exceed 7 million views, however as soon as it became a trend his videos went up so fast that some of them reached more than 100 million and his followers reached more than 70 million.

Probably, Will Smith was worried about losing that popularity and jumped back into the controversy by posting a video apologizing to Chris Rock (again). The video is everywhere and has 'revived' the number of visitors to his TikTok account.

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Is Selena Gomez in a relationship?

One of the undisputed queens of the video platform is Selena Gomez, who returned to social networks with great force after being absent for the benefit of her mental health. Since the iconic moment her nanny revealed in the middle of a live stream that the 'Same Old Love' singer was dating a boy, her videos have surpassed 10 million views.

In fact, she broke her own record after she posted two videos on a yacht (which we already know is from producer Andrea Iervolino) in one she does a lip sync while relaxing in a black bikini and in the other video Selena Gomez appears reclining in a position that shows off his belly, while proclaiming that 'real stomachs is coming the f**k back, ok?' The first video already has 17.3 million views and the second 15.6 million.

Katy Perry: A Mother Feeding Her BIG Children

Katy Perry has a lot of love to give, so much so that she shows it in a very... peculiar way, throwing slices of pizza. This happened during a party in a nightclub in Las Vegas, while people danced leaving their souls on the dance floor, Katy fed them with flying pizzas.

Thousands of fans of the 'Dark Horse' singer published memes to the fullest, and the artist was so amused that she herself said she was a "mother feeding her children." His popularity and sense of humor has won the hearts of his followers.

Days later, Katy Perry did her thing again and published a video in which she was playing Mash, when suddenly the game predicted that she would have 6 children with Pete Davidson. The singer scowled and wrote, “No offense @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando?).”

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The video has already reached 5.8 million views and continues to climb little by little the number of comments and likes.

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