Taylor Swift Fans Blast Ellen Over Resurfaced “Uncomfortable” Interview

After years of having a perception of who Ellen was, the daytime diva has been the talk of the town as it has been revealed the way she mistreated everybody, including her guests!

By Miguel Robles

Taylor Swift, Ellen Degeneres

Taylor Swift, Ellen Degeneres (AP)

People know there are certain celebrities you shouldn't mess with; and Taylor Swift might probably be on the top list of the celebrities with the fiercest fans of them all. They are capable of holding a grudge like no one's business when their girl has been wronged. Of course, you can't really blame anyone for getting upset watching this particular clip.

A few months ago, the inside takes on Ellen Degeneres went public. Not only being accused about being the complete opposite of her nice, TV persona, but also allegedly treating her employees and everyone else like trash. From that moment on, folks have been looking back at her old interviews, which have been perceived with a different eye.

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The first one was when Ellen received Dakota Johnson for an interview, in which the 50 Shades Of Grey called out the daytime diva for lying about being invited to her party. However, in the past months, folks have found tons of awkward moments in which celebrities look sincerely uncomfortable. In fact, there are several supercuts of these encounters on YouTube.

Recently, a particular 2013 interview resurfaced online, in which Ellen badgers Taylor Swift merciless about her love life. It would be one thing if it felt like the Blank Slate singer was in on the bit, but she actually just keeps expressing her discomfort and asking the host to stop. Thus revealing that the singer actually did not.

The infamous interview begins with the host insisting Swift that she was dating Zac Efron despite multiple denials. After Ellen calls the Baywatch star her “boyfriend” and asking incessantly about him, Taylor reiterates her denial, saying: “I haven't talked to him in a while... 'cause we didn't date.” To that, Ellen responds: “Yes you did! Why do you deny it?” And then, Taylor insists: “Cause we didn't.”

But that's not the end of the dating talk. Taylor next has to play a half-ass sort of game in which she looks at photos she's taken with celebrities and is asked by Ellen to join a dynamic in which she's supposed to ring a bell when one comes up showing a guy she's been with. Things quickly go awry when Taylor tells Ellen, “I don't wan to.” But it just happens anyway. Eventually it reaches a point in which Taylor practically yells: “Do you know how bad this makes me feel? Stop it, stop it, STOP.”

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Then, the audience just laughs, but remember – this is 2013. They're assuming Ellen is just so sweet, and Taylor must be in on the joke. In retrospect, it just looks like someone being tortured on stage for over four minutes. In fact, you can check out the uncomfortable exchange above, and in the end just judge for yourself.

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