Sofia Vergara Talks About Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis at 28: 'I Decided to Get Educated'

Sofia Vergara recently opened up about her Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis when she was younger, and how she decided to overcome the situation

By Ingrid Mateos

- August 23 , 2021 - 09:54 hs

Sofia Vergara (Twitter)

Many of you might not know this, but Sofia Vergara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when she was just 28 years old. Now, at 49, the Colombian actress is opening up about what she suffered and how she overcome this diagnosis.

The 'Modern Family' star was among the celebs hosting the “Stand Up To Cancer” telethon on Saturday, Aug. 21 and there she revealed that she was in panic the first time she heard about this. At 28 years old during a routine doctor's visit, my doctor felt a lump in my neck," Sofia Vergara said. “They did a lot of tests and finally told me I had thyroid cancer. When you're young and you hear that word 'cancer,' your mind goes to so many places but I tried not to panic and I decided to get educated."


Sofia also reflected on how during that time of her life she learned a lot, not only by reading but by being supported by the people close to her. She continued, "I read every book and found out everything I could about it. I was fortunate to have caught it early and to have the support of my doctors and most importantly, my family. I learned a lot during that time, not just about thyroid cancer but I also learned that in times of crisis, we're better together."


This happened back in 2000, and according to some reports, he immediately underwent surgery, radiation, and started a round of medication to combat her cancer. Years later she revealed the diagnosis and also explained that she did not do it at the time because she already had a lot on her plate. "Having cancer is not fun. You don't want to deal with anything else while you're going through it," she explained.

Sofia Vergara beat cancer, but in 2008 she revealed to Health that she was still taking medication to keep her healthy. “I take a Synthroid pill every morning,” she said. “It controls your body’s metabolism and gives you the levels that you need. An unregulated thyroid can lead to problems with your weight, hair loss, and other things, so they give me a blood test every three months to see where my level is. Actually, I feel very lucky. In a lot of women, the cancer isn’t found until around menopause — and by then it's too late.”

Since it was founded back in 2008, Stand Up To Cancer has raised more than $600 million for cancer research bringing together nearly 2,000 scientists from over 200 institutions. The 2021 telecast was executive produced by Reese Witherspoon and her husband, Jim Toth, and hosted by Vergara, Anthony Anderson, Ken Jeong, and the latter's wife, Dr. Tran Ho. Common,  Brittany Howard, Stevie Wonder, and Simone Ledward Boseman — wife of the late Chadwick Boseman — also performed at the event.

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