Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Celebrate Seventh Anniversary Of Their First Date

The Modern Family star and the Magic Mike actor celebrated the special date with a romantic dinner sharing the sweet moments on their social media

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 17 , 2021 - 12:33 hs
Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello - Vince Bucci (AP)

While we have enjoyed several pictures of Sofia Vergara on her social media, the Colombian actress sometimes lets us see a glimpse of her private life, her family, and her husband Joe Manganiello. This time, the exuberant star shared with all her fans what could be described as a romantic dinner celebrating a special occasion.


While most people celebrate their wedding anniversary and milestones like that, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are romantics at heart and celebrated the seventh anniversary of their first date. "Feliz first date anniversary @joemanganiello ❤️❤️❤️ 7 años luuuv uuuuu," she captioned the photos shared on Insta. Sofia looked stunning as always, wearing a floral dress while he looked quite sharp.

While her 22 million fans could see all the love was in the air, people and friends flooded her comment section with hearts and flames, but many more recalled her character in Gloria in 'Modern Family' since she celebrated everything. “Haha just reminded me that time Gloria and Jay celebrate everything lol,” wrote one fan.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello met back in 2014 at the White House Correspondent's Dinner. Sofia was engaged to ex-fiancé Nick Loeb at the time. About that night Mangianello has said that "We had talked I guess, or kind of bumped into each other, but we didn't start dating until she was single. I mean, she had a boyfriend at that time, so I probably could have got in a fight for doing that. I'm not trying to start a fight at the White House." Not long after the White House party, Sofia broke up with Loeb and after learning about this, Joe asked her Modern Family co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (he plays Mitchell Pritchett on the show), for her number.

Both went on a secret date and about it, Joe has said that she was not so sure about them as a couple. Our first date was her giving me every reason why it would never work out,” he told Haute Living in 2015. "Like, 'You're too young, you're an actor, you're this, you're that,' and she was just doing it to hear herself say it. She was trying to talk herself out of going there."

The Modern Family star and the Magic Mike actor got engaged six months later while they were in Hawaii. In fact, he revealed that the whole event was romantic AF since he proposed to her on one knee while the sun was going down and his speech was in Spanish, her mother tongue. (He really is a keeper!) And a year after moving in together, the couple made it official by walking down the aisle. The wedding was held at The Breakers in Palm Beach and the stunning ceremony took place under an extravagant floral arch. The nuptials was also a largely attended event with about 400 guests, which included some of her Modern Family co-stars.

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