Snoop Dogg Invited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Over For Thanksgiving

Snoop Dogg revealed in a recent interview that he is, in fact, friends with Prince Harry and Prince William and even invited Meghan and Harry for Thanksgiving

By Ingrid Mateos

- October 10 , 2021 - 12:21 hs
Snoop Dogg, Prince Harry and Meghan Markl

Snoop Dogg, Prince Harry and Meghan Markl (AP - AFP)

Have you ever dream of Prince Harry and Prince William rapping alongside Snoop Dogg? Well, the possibility existed in the past and we bet that not even in your wildest dreams you thought about it.

Many, many years ago when the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex were not married yet and still had a close relationship as brothers, they used to spend a lot of time together despite both having several royal duties and outings. Anyway, just before William's marriage to Kate Middleton, apparently, the American rapper was approached by the royals for a one-of-a-time event.

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Now, let's go back to 2010 when Prince Harry was the one in charge to organize William's bachelor party. Apparently, Harry called Snoop Dogg and asked him if he would be able to perform at William's “low-key but fun” party featuring “mini-burgers, fish, and chips”. The singer could not make it but just a couple of days later he released the music video 'Wet' where the Cataracts portrayed the princes.  (In a tweet at the time, he said he hoped it would be the soundtrack for the “stag-do.”)

Having this little tale as the background story and despite we can't confirm that his song was in fact, on the playlist of the party, in a recent interview with The Mirror, Snoop Dogg referred to Prince William and Prince Harry as 'his boys' “Harry and William are my boys,” Snoop said. “As soon as I knew they were fans I reached out to them and we‘ve been cool ever since.”

While this obviously sounds more than surprising, let's not forget that Snoop Dogg has in his friends famous and powerful people like the former President of the United States Barack Obama.

About Harry and William, Snoop continued. “I look out for them and they can reach out to me whenever they want they know that. I look out for them, and they can reach out to me whenever they want.”

But wait, Snoop did not stop there. The rapper also shared his thoughts about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their bravery for stepping down from their royal duties revealing that he really admires them for living the life they really want.

I said Prince Harry had big balls when he didn’t invite Trump to his wedding,” Snoop told the publication. “And now, for real, I say he’s got an even bigger set of balls...He and Meghan are living their lives like they want and that can’t be an easy thing with the whole world judging them. “They got to live life their way – they get a lot of respect from me for that.”

Snoop also invited the pair, who live in Montecito, to his home for Thanksgiving. “If they want to come over for Thanksgiving dinner they are in for something special. They can come over to Snoop’s crib,” he said.

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