Selena Gomez Shows Her 'Real Belly' On Viral Video Praising 'Real Stomachs'

Selena Gomez has the power to move millions of people with a song and even with a video showing her 'real belly'

By Yamne Hallal

- August 04 , 2022 - 15:52 hs
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez (AFP)

You know what they say about we should love our body as it is, but sometimes it is very difficult (much more after seeing the drastic and enviable change of Kim Kardashian) however there is always someone who helps us focus.

And that person is Selena Gomez, who has saved us all from ourselves by showing her 'real belly' to her more than 42 million followers who went crazy and now love her even more, so much so that the video already exceeds more than 13 million views.

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The video is on TikTok and is titled 'Vaca Self'. In it, the 'Come And Get It' singer is sunbathing while leaning against a soft seat aboard a boat. Due to the position in which Selena is leaning, it is possible to appreciate her belly.

Meanwhile, the singer lip-syncs to a popular audio and says: “real stomachs are coming the f**k back, ok?,” unleashing a wave of comments thanking the normalization of 'real bodies'.

“You make me feel comfortable in my own skin,” wrote a user on TikTok. “My great motivation Selena,” wrote another of the more than 12 thousand comments on the video.

The publication has taken a lot of force since so far the battle between the "perfect bodies" that are so common in movies and the "real bodies" has not ended, however, videos and advertising campaigns that have been directed at minorities and people that (in this case) identify with something, has helped many to move on with their lives.

Selena Gomez is a celebrity who has a profound impact on all her followers and that is why millions of them have shown their unconditional love for her, so much so that a week after her 30th birthday, she posted a video thanking all her fans. Selena needed more time to thank her fans. However, the most emotional thing was that she could not hold back her tears and did not tire of thanking her friends and her absence many times.

Perhaps Selena Gomez is radiating so much happiness because she has often been surrounded by people who show her appreciation, like producer Andrea Lervolino, with whom she has been seen spending time alone lately.

The actress has been photographed on a few occasions boarding a yacht in Positano, Italy, and has already led her followers to speculate that this is where she has been posting her most recent TikTok videos.

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It's been a while since Selena formalized a romantic relationship with someone, and we say 'formal' because by her nanny's mistake, it came to light that she was secretly dating someone but that the relationship didn't work out. This happened during a transmission on TikTok and has already become a video replicated by millions of people in the world due to the hilarity of the moment.

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