Selena Gomez Breaks Social Media While Vacationing In A Boat Wearing A Black Bikini

The so-called 'unofficial queen' of TikTok has quickly reached more than 5 million views on the platform, proving that it is difficult to contend against her

By Yamne Hallal

- August 02 , 2022 - 15:15 hs
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez (AFP)

It is more than evident the return of Selena Gomez to social networks, especially Tik Tok, where her videos are guaranteed to reach several million views.

Lately, the recently turned 30-year-old singer posted a video where she is seen using the sound #FatChancePodcast as a background while she's on a boat wearing a cute black swimsuit.

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“What part of my face says 'talk to me'? None, absolutely none',” says the video as Selena lip-syncs the video clip as she flaunts her style by applying some of her own brand Optimist 4-in-1 Prime Mist and a pair of sunglasses.

Within a few of uploading the video, the 'Goog For You' singer has already almost reached 6 million views and more than 800 thousand likes, giving an example of why some people call her the 'unofficial queen' of TikTok.

After leaving social networks in 2017, Selena Gomez returned to Instagram and TikTok with great force because every day more people follows her and more people are trying to trend her videos, as was the case with the video of her nana who accidentally brought to light that Selena had recently ended a secret romance.

The 'Only Murders In The Building' star was showing her fans her lip care routine when suddenly her nanny asks: “So how did you end it with that guy?” There was nothing Selena could do, the internet is eternal and the words of the nana stayed in everyone's memory.

Selena Gomez froze trying to keep the situation under control but unable to open her lips she said: “Uh, I’ll tell you in a sec.” Fortunately, the singer found the situation funny and could not help but pause to laugh.

In addition to that, another of the videos that has become more viral on the platform is one in which the singer speaks to her fans very moved, and thanks everyone for having been with her during her birthday and during her return to the social media

“I don't really talk on TikTok, so this is a little weird. I got to see some of your messages. I don't read a lot of comments, but the few that I read were really, really sweet, and I just want you to know that I don't take that for granted," she said.

“And I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being in my life, for growing up with me—for putting up with me,” she added.

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It looks like things for Selena Gomez are just like she wrote in her Instagram caption on her birthday: “30, flirty and thriving.” Good for Selena!

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