See how Prince George smiles just like his dad in his sweet new 8th birthday portrait

On hi 8th birthday, Prince William and Kate Middleton shared an incredibly cute portrait of Prince George, who is sporting a smile that makes him resemble his father in all his glory!

By Miguel Robles

Prince George

Prince George (Prince George / Instagram)

Prince George is turning 8 years old; to celebrate, his parents, Prince William (who is 39 years old), and Kate Middleton (who is also 39), released a very new portrait. The photo has the little royal certainly looking adorable, but he also is the spitting image of his father, especially when he is showing his smile in all his glory.

The new smiling snapshot was posted to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official Instagram account on July 21. In it, we can see Prince George looking very royal, sporting a classic summer outfit that includes a dark blue polo shirt with orange stripes, and matching dark blue shorts as he is sitting atop a car outisde. You can't get any more classic than that!

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The cute caption indicated that it was the proud mom who snapped the picture, says “Turning eight (!) tomorrow?” adding a few party emojis and a cake one. Also, they added an icon of a photo camera, which gives the credit for the photo to The Duchess. Of course, almost instantly fans and followers went at it, and liked the iconic pic.

Prince George / Instagram

Also, several of the followers took the opportunity to leave a series of comments on the pic immediately after it was published. “Beautiful boy,” one follower wrote while another mentioned how much he “looks like his dad!” Another asked, “Where does the time go?,” referring to the fact that George looks so big. A fourth follower exclaimed, “Oh my goodness look how much he resembles his Dad..and grandmother. Happy Birthday, young Prince!”

This is not the most recent time in which George made headlines; in fact, back in July 11 he appeared on another picture happily cheering alongside his parents at the Euro 2020 final. At the time, Prince George sported a suit and tie, and he even went on to make quite an impression once enthusiastic pics and videos of him clapping and laughing while swinging his head back went public. Immediately the posts went viral and proved that George shares his dad's charisma.

George is not the only little kid within the royal family who is capable of stealing the focus from onlookers and royal family fans; his sister, Princess Charlotte, who is 6 years old, is as well. The little girl also has her photo taken every birthday each year, and always gets the similar amount of responses as her big brother does.

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Whenever she appears in the company of her parents at any public event, she immediately vows whoever is there to admire her. Be it smiling at photographers while being a part of a wedding, or playfully sticking her tongue out at them while being sassy and cute at an outside event, she surely keeps us enchanted!

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