Scott Disick shares shocking picture of 19 -year-old Amelia Hamlin's sexy bare bottom

Fans and followers immediately spectulated that this raunchy picture posted by Scott Disick on social media could be a payback for all the heated romance Kourtney has been showing off on Insta lately

By Miguel Robles

Scott Disick

Scott Disick (AP)

We already know how playful and mischievous Scott Disick is, when it comes to make a joke or a prank on any outlet that allows him to exhibit his ways; undoubtedly, social media is the perfect channel for him to do this, and that's what he decided to do recently by posting a frisky photo in which his girlfriend's assets are shown prominently.

“The Lord” decided to proudly share the NSFW picture to all fans and followers via his Instagram Stories, and the snap captures a moment in which Amelia is trying to reach something that was somewhat high. We don't know what that was, but there is a high chance of her boyfriend to have helped her reach for the stuff.

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Certainly there is something interest in watching Scott showing off his girlfriend in this manner. However, there is something strange about it, since Lisa Rinna's daughter is just 19; which makes Lord Disick twice her age. This is not a picture of the couple hanging out in Miami Beach, so this picture of her takes a strange turn for sure.

Scott Disick's Instagram

There is something that raises some eyebrows about this posting, and we wonder if Disick finally got too far with the picture or is this just a harmless fun between two consenting adults. It is obvious that she was cool with the posting, as she did her own post herself of another picture in the same lingerie but standing in front of the camera this time, and the picture was posted on her own social media account. “Another day another sultry set of lingerie from Boux Avenue,” was her caption in which she obviously was making some sort of endorsement.

Nobody can deny that Disick's post could be linked to the activity that his ex girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian has been having on her own Instagram account, showing off her spectacular relationship with Travis Barker. Actually, there is a correlation between the closeness of the aforementioned couple and the struggle Disick has had to overcome this. What's more, several sources close to the Kardashians have come out to reveal that this is something that worries the KarJenner family a lot, since it has put a lot of pressure on Kourtney contemplating a more serious future with Travis.

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So, it is inevitable for fans and followers to speculate if these actions on social media, perpetrated by Scott Disick, are not actually a payback for all the heated romance that Kardashian and Travis have been showing off on social media. However, it's unclear yet if the pic will achieve the desired effect, and make Kourtney jealous of her old flame, or if she will ignite another series of blasts by posting more and more hot stuff on Instagram in the forseeable future with her beau.

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