Sandra Bullock Says She's Not 'Marvel Material' - “I've never been approached by Marvel”

During an interview with late night show host Jimmy Kimmel, Sandra Bullock addressed the rumors regarding her appearance at the long-awaited Marvel movie 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'

By Miguel Robles

- November 23 , 2021 - 16:28 hs
Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock (AFP)

Ever since the upcoming Marvel film 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' was announced, it has sent the internet into a frenzy. The whole year of 2021, the film has made it to headlines, as it has been surrounded by speculation and rumors about whether this actor will made an appearance or if that actress will make a cameo.

In fact, one of the latest rumors has put Sandra Bullock on the map, linking the actress to a possible appearance on the aforementioned film. During a visit she payed to the Jimmy Kimmel late night show, with the purpose of promoting the upcoming drama film titled 'Unforgiven,' Kimmel asked Sandra Bullock, whether she was making an appearance in the movie.

“You do know there's a big rumor that you were going to be in the third Spider-Man movie...,” Kimmel said. However, Bullock didn't hesitate to answer the question and hilariously revealed, “You know what? If that were a rumor that my son had heard... do you know how much would I get him to do in the house? I would be so successful in my request,” Sandra pointed out.

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Then, the conversation turned into her wondering what was the character she was supposed to portray, according to this rumor. And then, Jimmy answers all her questions, by saying that the speculation was that Sandra Bullock would play the Marvel's character 'Madame Web.' When Jimmy explains the actress about Madame Web's backstory, she jokingly asks “Why was I not hired for this?”

At some point in ther interview, Jimmy also asks whether Marvel has ever approached to Sandra Bullock, to get her involved in some way with one of their films. However, the actress instantly states “I don't think I'm Marvel material.” Jimmy evidently disagrees with this, and says “I can't imagine that that's true... so that's a no or a yes?” And then, she utters the following words: “I've never been approached by Marvel.”

Facing the insistence of Kimmel, the 'Miss Congeniality' actress has no alternative that start cracking, and retorts “You're making me feel like I have, and I'm not saying anything.” Then, the hosts points out that he “never knows” because everytime he has an actor sitting across his desk, everybody lies about it during the interviews, and then he finds out eventually that this or that is playing a superhero. “I understand why people lie to you... but I have never been approached. Ever. I've never been approached. Ever.”

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Sandra Bullock immediately remembers, though, a recent situation that makes it seem she has been approached, but not by Marvel. She says that she was offered some kind of role in the same realm of genre, supposedly, but her son said not to do it. According to Bullock, “he was actually right. I saw it (the film) when it came out, and I went 'ooh, that's unfortunate'”. The actress also said that, at the time her son adviced this, he was six years old.

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