Salma Hayek's Daughter Valentina Pinault Says She Loves Kanye West

In a recent interview, Salma Hayek's daughter Valentina Pinault revealed that she really loves Kanye West and that the first time they met she did something embarrassing

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 10 , 2022 - 17:51 hs
Salma Hayek, Valentina Pinault, Kanye West

Salma Hayek, Valentina Pinault, Kanye West (AP)

Not even in the wildest dreams, one would think that Kanye West and Salma Hayek can be put together in a sentence, let alone in a situation, but a recent interview just proved everyone wrong with this.

In a recent interview with Vogue Mexico, Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina revealed what their purses have inside revealing a lot of very surprising things like Salma carrying chili powder everywhere, or Valentina carrying a Lana del Rey candle to pray to her.

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However, the most surprising fact about this interview was that Valentina Pinault admitted that she loves Kanye West and that when she met him personally, she did the most embarrassing thing ever because she was nervous about meeting him.

During the interview, Salma Hayek's daughter admitted that she loves to listen to music and her favorite bands include Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. But the one who is in her number one spot is Kanye West.

In fact, Salma tried to embarrass her by revealing that her daughter has a full body on the ceiling, and instead of denying it, Valentina confirmed this very proudly. “Yes, I love Kanye.”

Then, the teenager asked her famous mom for permission to reveal the story of how she met Kanye and made the embarrassment of her life. According to Valentina, her mom, knowing how she is obsessed with the rapper, woke her up because Ye was visiting them in the morning to have breakfast.

Because of her nervousness, she started to put clothes on and make-up, and an hour later when she met him she made a very funny comment to him.

“I woke up, well, my mother woke me up, I was with a friend in L.A and said 'wake up! Put your makeup on!' An hour later he arrives and she (Salma) is like 'He's Here!'”

At this point, Salma was laughing and told her that Ye was already there when Valentina arrived. “And I say, 'Hi, my name is Valentina, nice to meet you.” Valentina then added that Kanye is a “really sweet” person but the first thing to say to him was not something complimentary but instead something casual.

“But the first thing I said, wasn't like, I love your music, love your style, no! Do you want Starbucks?” asked Valentina, nodding her head in disappointment. She concluded by adding that she always does things like that because she gets very nervous. Well, at least she met her favorite artist.

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