Salma Hayek celebrates Sir Anthony Hopkins' second Oscar win dancing with him

Even though his winning sparked a fiery controversy all over social media, Salma Hayek decided to celebrate Sir Anthony Hopkins' second Oscar winning by dancing with him

By Miguel Robles


Salma Hayek (AP)

The recent win of Sir Anthony Hopkins' Oscar, was not well received by a wide audience; in fact, a lot of Chadwick Boseman's fans took to social media to call on ABC, accusing them of mishandling the whole Oscars ceremony, especially by changing the order of the categories (making the Best Actor the final award for the night). According to them, the network used momentum to make believe that Boseman was going to be the Best Actor winner, anticipating a lovely and heartfelt moment that however never came.

But not all the community on social media showed to be displeased by the news of Hopkins' winning for his portrayal of Anthony, the lead star of the film The Father, since his performance as an old fella suffering through dementia, was marvelous. Actually, a lot of celebrities have payed their respects on their social media, and one of them is all-time-favorite Salma Hayek.

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The mexican actress and producer decided to take it to Instagram, to show her support for Sir Anthony Hopkins in a video she posted, but the video did not show her saying a support message or anything alike. Instead, she uploaded an endearing video in which she appears to be dancing in the company of Hopkins himself.

In the video, we can see Sir Anthony Hopkins dressed in a black sweater and grey slacks, dancing to the music, seconds before Salma Hayek enters the scene, bringing company to Hopkins' dance, and both ending their 'performance' in a very endearing way, by showing their fans what it seems to be a truly heartwarming hug.

In less than an hour, the video garnered almost a million views; and Salma went on to caption her posting with the phrase “Celebrating with the king anthonyhopkins for his extraordinary performance in The Father Celebrando con el Rey anthonyhopkins su segundo oscar por su extraordinaria actuación en El Padre leonardcohen,” as per usual captioning whatever she shares on social media both in english and spanish.

The adorable video, in which the couple dance to Leonard Cohen's “Dance Me To The End of Love”, shows Salma wearing a completely black dress look, which she decided to accessorize with her customary black glasses. And ends up with a very moving hug between both actors, that portrays their fondness and respect for each other.

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Salma's video immediately received several likes and comments by her followers, as well as some other celebrities who decided to put out their opinion about the touching video. Zoe Saldana, for instance, went on to comment her post using a lot of hopeful hands emojis. Also Genevieve Herr put her word out, by commenting “Love” and adding several heart-emojis in the comments. Undoubtedly, this will be a post for the ages, in the hopes that both actors who have never worked together before, start a joint project for the near future.

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