Princess Diana said she was “traumatized” by Prince Charles' answer in an interview

According to Diana's biography, there was a time when Prince Charles and her were being interviewed, and one of his answers left her completely aghast

By Miguel Robles

- July 19 , 2021 - 13:24 hs
Princess Diana

Princess Diana (Princess Diana / AP)

As of today, we know that Princess Diana's relationship with Prince Charles was somewhat complicated. In fact, all her issues with him began long before she said “I do.” So much, that at some point the late royal eventually revealed that she was ultimately “traumatized” by something Prince Charles said during their engagement interview.

Of course, this is not the first time a royal couple had a sit-down for an official interview; in fact, it's practically the norm among the royal family. Back then, the used the interview solely to announce their engagement in 1981. During the infamous interview, the duo were asked about everything from their first meeting to their wedding and honeymoon plans.

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At one point during the conversation, the interviewer asked if they were in love. Diana was 19 years old, and of course found this question “ridiculous”, considering the context (that they had just announced their engagement). This only made the conversation so awkward between the interviewer and the couple.

Even though Princess Diana didn't talk a lot during the interview, she definitely speak up at this question and said “yes,” that they were in love. However, it was Charles who had a very different response, which in retrospect turns out it is a very revealing answer.

According to her biography, titled 'Diana: In Her Own Words,' the Princess said “We had this ghastly interview the day we announced our engagement. And this ridiculous [reporter] said, 'Are you in love?' I thought, what a thick question. So I said, 'Yes, of course, we are,' and Charles turned round and said, 'Whatever love means.' And that threw me copletely. I thought, what a strange answer. It traumatized me.”

This definitely was a very strange answer that possibly comes, after several years, as a clear response from Charles about his marriage with Diana. Even though this has been seen as a very shocking revelation, ultimately could be a description for what we know now, like a presage of what the future held for the couple.

At the time, nobody realized how “hurtful” or what effect the answer might have caused on Diana, probably taking the answer as some sort of joke from Charles. However, it seems this was more revealing than it was intended at the time, making it clear about the Prince's sentiments towards Lady Di. Something she qualified as “thick” from her then-to-be husband.

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In the video above, you can watch the awkwardness of the interview in all its glory, and how at the very end of the clip, Diana's face staring ablaze after the appalling aforementioned answer from Prince Charles. Certainly one of the many moments we've been able to witness thanks to revisitation of some clips that have been posted on the Internet.

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