Princess Diana Planned To Move To California With William And Harry Before Her Death

Princess Diana had a lot of plans for her and her kids' future. Among those plans, she was orchestrating her exit and the subsequent life she would have in Malibu

By Ingrid Mateos

- August 31 , 2021 - 14:08 hs
Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince Willaim

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince Willaim (Twitter)

This certainly is unexpected! Princess Diana and Meghan Markle seem to have more in common than we thought. Many, many years ago before Princess Diana died in that tragic car crash, she had some plans that coincide with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's life.

By now you must already know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are living in Montecito, California with baby Archie and baby Lilibeth. The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex moved to America after stepping down from their royal duties and while it was rumored that they were moving to New Zealand, they decided to move to California. While there they have revealed a lot of secrets like for example, that Meghan had suicidal thoughts while pregnant, that one member of the royal family delivered some racist comments towards Meghan, Archie, and their skin color, that Harry turned to alcohol and drugs to overcome the death of Princess Diana, that his father is a total stranger to him and that his brother, Prince William is on the same path of Prince Charles.


Now, in the most recent news, according to Diana’s former voice coach Stewart Pearce, he revealed to the Daily Mail that probably, Princess Diana would have approved of Meghan and Harry's plans since she had some similar thoughts about moving to California. “There were a number of major projects brewing in her consciousness through offers that had been offered to her,” he said.

“One of the major opportunities that she wanted to create was to start developing documentaries about three charitable interests that would then be assimilated into major movie pictures.” Sounds familiar? Sure it does since Meghan and Harry partnered with Netflix to release some documentaries. “She was planning on spending a lot of time in Hollywood,” Pearce added. “The point was that Diana was really beginning to explore her creative power.”


“Everything she did was signed with the autograph of excellence, meaning she consulted the right people,” he told the outlet. “It was all about the highest echelon of opinions that could be maintained for the greatest project management. So I know whomever she employed or worked in liaison with it would have been an excellent standard moving towards the possibility of an award-winning status. There is no doubt. She was all full of the action of co-creativity.”


However, the vocal couch remarks that Diana did not want to be an actress, but instead she wanted to work behind the camera. "That is something that Diana was not interested in, not at all. You can see how emphatic I am,” he said. “Although she was an aficionado and keen enthusiast about the performing arts, particularly dance, acting was not something she saw as being her new creative trajectory.”

Diana married Prince Charles in 1981 and later welcomed Prince Harry and Prince William. As we all know they divorced in 1996 and Diana started dating Egyptian film producer Dodi Fayed.  About this, Stewart Pearce reveals that The Princess of Wales was talking about buying a house in Malibu overlooking the Pacific.“So it’s really interesting that Harry and Meghan have chosen to go to Santa Barbara because that was the area that Diana was thinking about.”

While most people might think this is a total scam, this is not the first time that these claims are made, Some months ago Princess Diana's close friend and former butler Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's close friend, and former butler Paul Burrell, who told ABC News that she had her escape plan calculated, "This is our new life, just won't it be great, think of the lifestyle, the boys—nobody's judgmental here in America, you don't have the class system, you don't have the establishment." He added, "The house was going to be in Malibu...I saw the plans. We sat on the floor, spread out all the maps and the layout of the house." 

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