Prince Philip Wouldn't Want Queen Elizabeth II To Sit Around Mourning Him, Says Royal Expert

According to some royal experts, it was Prince Philip's wish to see his wife, Queen Elizabeth II as happy as always after he died

By Ingrid Mateos

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II - JANE BARLOW (AFP)

Losing your better half must be something that probably will break your heart and even more if you happen to be together more than half a century. This is what most people were expecting to see when Queen Elizabeth II returned to her royal duties after her longtime partner, Prince Philip died earlier this year.

More recently, in an interview with the Daily Mail's, royal author Phil Dampier revealed that the entire world would understand if the Queen is still devastated by the awful events, but, if we take into consideration what Prince Philip wanted, the monarch is now “living life to the full.”

"Some might think it is strange that she is so happy so soon after Prince Philip’s death, but I think there is a simple explanation," Dampier explained. "I’m sure she was devastated by his passing, after all, they were married for 73 years. But I’m sure that he told her to enjoy what was left of her own life. He would not want her to sit around mourning him like Queen Victoria did for Albert, and I bet he would want her to carry on living life to the full."


Certainly, we have seen Queen Elizabeth II having some fun around. Just weeks ago we saw her cutting a cake in the most epic way when she asked for a sword. We also watched her driving her own car and more recently she appeared at the Royal Windsor Horse Show all smiles while her horse wins the competition. In fact, Dampier also added that the Queen was more than happy to return to one of her favorite events of the year.

“It’s been fantastic to see the Queen is such good form in recent weeks. She seems happy and relaxed and it’s a joy to see her smiling face," Dampier said. "I think she is just delighted to be out of lockdown like the rest of us, and getting out and about doing the things she loves. "She has her social life and you could see how happy she was to be at the Windsor Horse Show, one of her favorite events of the year, four days running. She meets up with old friends and loves to catch up on gossip, as well as spend time with her own family."

Dampier also revealed that, ironically, they spent together most of his last days due to lockdowns and Covid-19, and despite it is a terrible thing to think, his death was not so unexpected since he was having struggles with his health for some time. “He had a long and fulfilled life. Like him, the Queen is very practical and pragmatic, and she knows he would support her getting out and about," Dampier added.

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